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help moving to Jamaica!?

moving to whitehouse Jamaica june 1st for 8 months, need some advise, how is the weather, what to pack, how do girls dress down there like at the club, hows the mexican food down there(gonna miss my huevos ranchereos y pupusas) lol do they play spanish music down there? are jamicans gonna consider me white or mexican? how do you pack for 8 months?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The weather in Jamaica is generally hot and humid with temps in about the upper 80's F, thus, pack accordingly. As a previous poster related, Jamaicans LOVE new clothes especially brand name stuff that they cant get easily on the island. Fashion is highly regarded in JA. People in JA dress for clubing just as they do anywhere else, to impress lol. Now, as far as latin music in will not be hearing much of it, if any, unless its a popular reggeaton song or something like that, but no Salsa or Marengue I can assure you. Load up your IPod with all the latin music you can if you want to hear it. Spanish cuisine is also pretty much non-existant in JA. You may find a Taco Bell lol, but thats about it. There are several reasons for this but mainly because the individual ingredients that are readily available in the US and of course countries that specialze in latin cuisine are difficult to find on the island and importing these items is quite expensive. That and Jamaicans are just not familiar with how to cook latin cuisine, as it is an artform, so to speak. With regards to wheather they will consider you 'white' or 'latin american', it really doesnt matter. Obviously it is not a spanish speaking country so as long as you can speak english (which I assume you can quite well lol) then Jamaicans will be able to understand you perfectly. The language of Jamaica is english of course and everyone speaks it, however, Patois (a slang based, informal form of english) is spoken throughout the entire island, especially by uneducated individuals in rural communites. Jamaicans who have an ear for accents can tell where a particular person may be from by the form of Patois that is spoken. Hope this helps! ONE LOVE!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The weather is fabulous. There,s none. They play it all. The Jamaican,s are a very special people. They will consider you as a person. Not by you nationality. But if I wanted to here Spanish music I would take my lap top with head phones. Remember your going to Jamaica not a Spanish specking country.

    Source(s): Buy having a Jamaican boyfriend for 1 yr. This American has learned alot about 3rd world countries and some traditions of theirs.
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    As someone who has lived and moved all over the world, my advice to you is DON'T TAKE ANYTHING WITH YOU.. just an empty suitcase with a few momentos and a change of clothes. Whatever you take with you always get's thrown away once you get there and figure out you brought the wrong things.

    I stopped dragging stuff along with me years ago when I realized that I didn't use ANY of the stuff I brought with me. So, the ONLY THING that I take today is a change of clothers and a classical guitar and I buy anything else that I need once I get there...

    TRUST ME ON THIS and you will have a positive experience.

  • paulk
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    5 years ago

    It relies upon on what field you have an interest in. Do you have buddies in Jamaica. Ask them. they are going to be waiting to furnish you an perception on what the activity concern is like. you will additionally pick a artwork enable to artwork in Jamaica.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    well the weather in jamaica is pretty much the same as in mexico. so you can wear whatever you wear when you are in mexico. flip flops, shorts, blouses. anything. jamaicans love fashion and are confident in whatever they wear. well they will consider you white once your skin is pale, that being said, white is a race and mexican is an ethnicity. so they will see you as white.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    well if you're a jehovahs witness then you can ask jesus for food

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