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Why do Mormon LDS girls have a certain glow about them?

So there is this LDS girl in my class and she seems so nice and nothing like all the other easy kind of girls in college. Physically she is not normally my type so why am I finding myself attracted to her? She is driving me nuts!! I just don't get it because physically she is very plain natural looking.

Do you think I have a chance with her if I attempted to ask her out? I don't go to church but are willing to respect there no sex before marriage rule if she gave me a chance?

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    You are attracted to her virtue. It says in Proverbs 31: Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies. The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil. She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life.

    When someone is living a clean and virtuous life of course they glow. It is the goodness and purity of her that you are feeling. You will find that most Mormon women have this same un-describable glow. Not just Mormon women either but all women you are virtuous.

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    Ah, guys...with out realizing it you really put pressure on girls to look a certain way. I'm glad that despite her 'looks' you can recognize inner beauty. Rock on,

    That glow is from being genuinely happy and at peace with the world. Living the a pure life and keeping the commandments of God leads to happiness and a better assurance of who you are and why you are here. Everyone wants that.

    Before just asking her out cold trukey get to know her a little, engage in conversation, ask her about her beliefs. (Heck, you might not even be her type) Girls like it when you are interested in what they do. Ask what activities she is involved in and what she likes to do for fun. No doubt she can introduce you to people who are similarly minded.

    Good luck!

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    The glow that you are referring to is the influence of the Spirit that you are seeing in her life.

    If I am not mistaken, glow is not even close to the right word. However whatever way you may try to think of to describe what you see just does not fit properly. In reality you are probably feeling this glow more than you are seeing the glow that you are referring to.

    Do you stand a chance with her? That really depends on her and you. With out knowing more about the two of you I really could not tell you. However there is one thing that I can see that would certainly help you out. Your willingness to respect her beliefs.

    I hope that helps you.

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    That is because the spirit of God is in them. That is because Mormon women have been taught to live the commandments of Jesus Christ. And the light of Jesus Christ shines within them, as a result of their loyalty to the commandments of Jesus Christ.

    Mormon women are Chaste, and are dedicated to Virtue.

    A good idea would be to ask her about social activities that she goes to at her local LDS Church. This would be a fun thing for you to do, and it would be a good way to get to know her better as well.

    So that would be my advice as to how to introduce yourself, is to ask about any fun activities that she goes to at her Church as part of Young Adult Activities, and then ask her if she would invite you to go, too.

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    i would go for it, im mormon and was born into it hope you to are happy with each other if it works out but there is one thing to know if you will date a mormon never never bring up the 5 husbands or fives thing see ya:}

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    From washing 26 diapers a day in nuclear power-plant reservoir? Actually, she has a pheromone known as "Please marry me and take me away from all this child-bearing theocracy".

    No, just kidding, she is clean, wholesome, and has an inner glow of being a good human being, just like you.

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    I dont know you probably knew another mormon that was cool? You probably like her cause of her if you like her ask her out.

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    ah yes, i see you like many others have seen the light of Chirst in her countenance. you see, mormons are more special people than the rest of us. because they KNOW! thats right they know the truth that the rest of us don't. have you ever looked in their eyes and seen that glow, well thats because they are mormons and they KNOW!!!

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    You seem to be unnaturally obsessed with mormon girls. Perhaps its your overactive imagination? Actually, in light of that no pun intended, you'd really make a great mormon yourself. Imagination works in mormonism in many ways. The more far out, the easier they swallow it!

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    When you have the spirit of God in your heart, the difference is noticeable.

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