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How many undefeated fighters has Pacquiao fought and how many undefeated fighters Mayweather fought?

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    Floyd Mayweather's undefeated opponents:

    Diego Corrales (33-0)

    Ricky Hatton (43-0)

    Manny Pacquiao's undefeated opponents:

    Jorge Solis (33-0)

    Emmanuel Lucero (21-0)

    Nedal Hussein (19-0)

    Seung-Con Chae (23-0)

    Medgoen SIngsurat '3K battery' (18-0)

    -- plus 2 starters who aren't worthy to be mentioned.

    Manny obviously leads this category over Floyd. But I don't really put too much attention into this undefeated crap. Most of the time, undefeated means untested. I don't understand why some people here, some are even top contributors, think that a fighter is best when he is undefeated. That's complete crap. It only means they are untested or undertested (as is the case with Floyd).

    What matters most is that Manny had way tougher competition than Floyd, despite the fact that Manny was untrained at the early stages of his career as compared to Floyd who was always trained to ba an Olympian and a pro boxer. This is the reason why Manny will be ranked way higher than Floyd in the ATG list.

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    List Of Undefeated Boxers

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    9 years ago

    Manny Pacquiao handed Jorge Solis' (recent opponent of Gamboa) his 1st loss. Floyd Mayweather won over an undefeated Ricky Hatton I think 2-3 years ago. Aside from that, I can't remember anyone else. Good luck!

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  • 5 years ago

    Mayweather also beat Saul "Canelo" Alvarez who was 42-0. If you ask me Canelo, Diego corales alone were the greatest at their time compared to the no names pacman beat. Again this is just my opinion based on the question that was asked.

    At the time mayweather fought Diego "Chico" Corrales (R.I.P) mayweather was the complete underdog going in to that fight and won by tko. If u want to know how many win of undefeated boxer the answer is pacman but if u wanna know who was most challenging better undefeated boxers it would be mayweather by far

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  • 9 years ago

    You should rephrase that so it shows them being undefeated at their preferred weight. In the case of Mayweather and Hatton then Hatton was unbeaten at Jr welter, he had fought once at welter and struggled, he would have been handed a loss at welter by lesser boxers than Mayweather but Mayweather for over half a decade has pretty much made his name from fighting people with a great reputation at a weight where they have no reputation, Hatton= good Jr welter (not good welter), Marquez = great lightweight (not even proven jr welter), Floyd still cheated and came in almost at the welterweight limit.

    The fact is Mayweather has taken the odd unbeaten run from a boxer but had they stepped up to fight others in his division then they probably would have lost anyway. It is not testament to Mayweather that he defeated Hatton for instance, its just shows he was avoiding all the legitimate welterweight boxers at the time or waiting for them to lose so he could use that as an excuse for not fighting them in the first place.

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  • 4 years ago

    Mayweather has fought more champions than Manny period

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  • 9 years ago

    Can't say more. X says absolutely the truth.

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