What is a web template?

What is the useful of web template? Why need a web template? How to create a web template with NVU? Does web template help? Web template use in which situation? Does every website in this world like Google, Yahoo, Facebook use web template?

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  • 9 years ago
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    a web template is something that you can create to make many web pages look the same. for example, if you were to open up a business on the internet and you sold shoes, you could make a template and then create multiple pages from that template and all the pages would look the same. its very useful for an online business because you can make different pages for your products that will all look the same, instead of making one page at a time. i dont think that EVERY website out there uses templates, but facebook would be a heavy user of them. hope this helps...

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    6 years ago

    Web template is a just basic structure used to create a website. One has to just edit it and needs to put a required data to make a website. Nowadays so many people use tempalte to build a website, as it saves the time and very cost effective too. It is very handy for those, who don't know how to create a website. But there is huge difference in a website desing by templates and complete new website(custom website). Custom websites are unique and very impressive, as those are design by as per client's requirements and ideas. Some comapnies provide both.

  • 9 years ago

    A template is a layout that has been designed to use as a starting point for building something. Some people build them and sell them to people who don't know how to build their own, some people such as myself build them and then use them as the basis of a new project.

    Sites like Google, Yahoo, etc do not use templates unless they are templates they made themselves.

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