Why are republicans so anti american?

Republicans want to slash entitlement programs such as social security and medicate. They are determined that this is the way to balance the budget.These are normally self sustaining programs. The current problem is a larger group than normal ( baby boomers) of americans are retiring right now, which is straining the programs.

SS and similar taxes provide 1/3 of the tax revenue for the govt. Republicans are determined to get rid of these programs( by trimming them down to complete uselessness).

At the same time, they want to keep lowering taxes ( mainly on the highest tax bracket but they lower all taxes so it gains wide support. They have the common folk brainwashed into believing that we can keep lowering taxes cause more people pay in thus increase revenue.

But their are two problems with that theory:

1)The more people you have to govern the more government you need to govern them. You cannot govern 300 million people with the same amount of government you used to govern 200 million and expect it to be just as efficient.

2) Inflation, cost of living, etc lowers what money will pay for. You cant manage the nation on the 2000 budget because of 10 years of inflation, cost of living, and growth of the population you have to manage.

Taxes are at the lowest point since WWII , yet people still complain about high taxes.

* In 1960 the lowest bracket paid 20% and the highest bracket paid 91%

* In 1970 the lowest bracket paid 14% and the highest paid 71.75%

* In 1980 the lowest bracket paid 14% and the highest paid 70%

* In 1990 the lowest bracket paid 15% and the highest paid 28% ( thanks to Reaganomics)

* In 2000 the lowest bracket paid 15% and the highest paid 39.6%

* In 2010 the lowest bracket paid 10% and the highest paid 35% ( Bush tax cuts)

You cant fund the government if you keep cutting taxes especially taxes on the rich who hold most of the nations wealth.

One thing that is not touched is the defense budget which consumes nearly 1/3 of our total revenue. We need a decent defense budget but their is serious out of control spending going on in the defense department.

* A Tomahawk cruise missile cost $1 mil each. That is for the missile not the launch system. What in this missile cost $1 mil to make? Their is nothing in this missile that could cost $ 1 mil to make.

* JDAM GBU -31 ( Smart bomb Kit) Cost $70,000. That does NOT include the bomb. The MK 84 Bomb that the kit is sometimes used with cost an additional $3,100. "The JDAM is not a weapon; rather it is a "bolt-on" for unguided bombs consisting of a tail section with aerodynamic control surfaces, a strake kit, and a combined inertial guidance system and GPS guidance control unit." What in this kit cost as much as an Escalade?

This is where we should be looking to cut spending not Social programs that are self funded( and if the taxes are raised slightly on SS and medicare can be in the green again)

So why do Republicans hate Americans so much as to take everything away from them? Whats next your not allowed to own property unless you make $100k plus a year?






Yes i use wiki as a source and most college teachers allow wiki to be a source as well.


@Cereal: you should really research the accuracy of wiki instead of parroting what others say. If you know how to use wiki it is as accurate as any other reference out there. Wiki usually provides a long list of source info. But no one reads those pesky footnotes right?

@ thomas. you dont much about how to run a business do you? The govt is the business, Citizens are its customers. You need more TSA agents to cover more airports and traffic because of more population. You need more clerks at the courthouse to cover increased traffic from larger populations. You need more employees to handle more paperwork from a larger volume of citizens.

Inflation affects everything. the two munitions i listed cost significantly less to make 10 years ago than they do now. You can say part of it is technology. But Technology itself advances much faster than its cost goes up. ( otherwise a basic cellphone would cost about $1200) So Inflation is a driving factor. Both population and inf

Update 2:

@ Chris R: Actually until very recently. They have been turning a profit. Our extended lifespan since SS was started along with baby boomers is what is killing the programs. And you wont never cut funding to entitlement programs. It has always been and will continue to be political suicide.

@ ________ : 1) Yes i know what they are it was a typo that spell check didnt catch ( because medicate is also a word) 2) Really?

*$949.4 billion - Social Security and other payroll taxes *

Mandatory spending: $1.89 trillion (+6.2%)

* $644 billion - Social Security

That looks self funded to me. Maybe you should try reading a pay stub...

@ Reality: Like i said if you know how to use wiki. Most people are to stupid to use those things called "footnotes" i guess. Maybe you should learn about footnotes and how to properly research? Its not hard to verify sources.

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    Your college sucks then. Wiki is not a good source simply because anybody can go in and post something with extremely minimal peer-review... Are you so stupid to believe that because a few professors you know allow wiki that it is a good source?


    Here is something they dont teach you in college. You have to learn it on your own.


    Youtube thumbnail

    If you didnt understand that, then here is a closer look:


    Youtube thumbnail


    Fail again anothero...

    Not only do you have to make sure it is there, but you also have to make sure it is in context. This makes for a lot of work; therefore, I'm not going to go on your assumption that this wiki post is any good and read your wall of garbage. That is why you should use reliable sources. If you cant do that, then it can be safely assumed that you havent really done any research. If you had, then you would not be citing wiki. All your wall of crap amounts to is "I think..."

    Source(s): Shinola I win
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    government spending, as a percentage of GDP, is at the highest non-war point in US history.

    there is no doubt that this crowds out investment in the things and activities that really matter to the future of America -- the education of our young people being the most important of these.

    and what are we doing this for?

    to provide income to the elderly who no longer work. this creates no added value in the economy and merely serves to prop up spending which the historical level of taxation can not begin to support.


    i suggest an immediate 20% across the board reduction in Social Security, Medicare, government wage rates, government pensions, and all similar transfer payments.

    that will almost balance the budget and stop the future inflation theft of the assets of the middle class.

    Source(s): grampa
  • Self sustaining programs? Ha! If anything they will take us on a downward spiral of spending when the baby boomers start to retire en masse. Cut Medicare, Medicaid and SS and the budget will be solved. But that would mean political suicide by way of people who didn't bother to save up and wish to have 24 hours of borrowed time on someone else's dime.

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    10 years ago

    1) It's "Medicare" (for those over 65, funded fully by federal dollars) and "Medicaid" (for the poor, dually funded by feds and each individual state).

    "These are normally self sustaining programs."

    #2) No. They are not.

    If the U.S. wants to balance the budget they have to completely withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan, cut farming subsidies, raise taxes, end the war on drugs, and DRAMATICALLY modify Medicare/Medicaid.

    Defense, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security account for 88% of total federal budget.

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    You've no doubt heard of "taxation without representation"? The programs you're wanting to keep and fund... and probably grow. Those are exactly the same thing England was doing to the colonies, until they revolted and stopped giving their hard earned money to the fat lazy people who wanted to do nothing but take the money.

    Source(s): US History.
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    I'm sorry but since when is it American to have the government take care of you?

    Also defense (one of the few Constitutionally defined jobs of the federal government) is consistently 20% of the total budget (which you apparently didn't know since you left it out) while the Trio of social programs have swelled to around 60%.

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    10 years ago

    The plans adjust for inflation.

    Nothing the government does is efficient, therefore the less government the better off we will be.

    "These are normally self sustaining programs."

    LOL is this stand up comedy? Sorry I thought this was a serious question for a second.

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    "The more people you have to govern the more government you need to govern them. You cannot govern 300 million people with the same amount of government you used to govern 200 million and expect it to be just as efficient. "

    If you think Government expenditures are tied in any way to Population Growth and Inflation you are sadly mistaken.

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    Don't forget this country has been built by equal contributions from both parties, with likes of Lincoln and others.

  • 10 years ago

    I don't know what college you go to, but I would ask for your money back.

    Response: Yes, I would agree with much reserve, but I have never taken any college course where the professor allowed wiki. That's just bad academics.

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