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Famous Actors/Singers Who Were Leos?

Famous Actors/Singers Who Were Leos?

Just name them please.

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    Adams, Amy (20 August)

    Affleck, Ben (15 August)

    Affleck, Casey (12 August)

    Allen, Joan (20 August)

    Anderson, Gillian (9 August)

    Arquette, Rosanna (10 August)

    Ball, Lucille (6 August)

    Bana, Eric (9 August)

    Banderas, Antonio (10 August)

    Barnes, Ben (20 August)

    Beckinsale, Kate (26 July)

    Berry, Halle (14 August)

    Best, Ahmed (19 August)

    Bogdanovich, Peter (30 July)

    Bonaduce, Danny (13 August)

    Brennan, Walter (24 July)

    Bullock, Sandra (26 July)

    Carell, Steve (16 August)

    Carradine, Keith (8 August)

    Christensen, Erika (19 August)

    Davis, Viola (11 August)

    De Niro, Robert (17 August)

    Duchovny, David (7 August)

    Ealy, Michael (3 August)

    Farmiga, Vera (6 August)

    Fishburne, Laurence (30 July)

    Frakes, Jonathan (19 August)

    Frye, Soleil Moon (6 August)

    Furlong, Edward (2 August)

    Green, Tom (30 July)

    Griffith, Melanie (9 August)

    Hamilton, George (12 August)

    Harper, Valerie (22 August)

    Harrelson, Woody (23 July)

    Hayes, Isaac (20 August)

    Hoffman, Dustin (8 August)

    Hoffman, Philip Seymour (23 July)

    Houston, Whitney (9 August)

    Huston, John (5 August)

    Kendrick, Anna (9 August)

    Kudrow, Lisa (30 July)

    Kunis, Mila (14 August)

    Lawrence, Jennifer (15 August)

    Leary, Denis (18 August)

    Lilly, Evangeline (3 August)

    Lil' Romeo (19 August)

    Lopez, Jennifer (24 July)

    Lovato, Demi (20 August)

    Madonna (16 August)

    Mirren, Helen (26 July)

    Mitchum, Robert (6 August)

    Moss, Carrie-Anne (21 August)

    Norton, Edward (18 August)

    O'Toole, Peter (2 August)

    Panettiere, Hayden (21 August)

    Paquin, Anna (24 July)

    Parker, Mary-Louise (2 August)

    Paul, Alexandra (29 July)

    Penn, Sean (17 August)

    Perry, Matthew (19 August)

    Piven, Jeremy (26 July)

    Polanski, Roman (18 August)

    Pressly, Jaime (30 July)

    Radcliffe, Daniel (23 July)

    Redford, Robert (18 August)

    Rhys-Meyers, Jonathan (27 July)

    Richards, Michael (24 July)

    Samberg, Andy (18 August)

    Schwarzenegger, Arnold (30 July)

    Sedgwick, Kyra (19 August)

    Sheen, Martin (3 August)

    Slater, Christian (18 August)

    Slattery, John (13 August)

    Smith, Kevin (2 August)

    Snipes, Wesley (31 July)

    Spacy, Kevin (26 July)

    Sprouse, Dylan and Cody (4 August)

    Swank, Hilary (30 July)

    Swayze, Patrick (18 August)

    Tautou, Audrey (9 August)

    Theron, Charlize (7 August)

    Thompson, Fred (19 August)

    Thornton, Billy Bob (4 August)

    Visitor, Nana (26 July)

    Washington, Isaiah (3 August)

    West, Mae (17 August)

    Wheaton, Wil (29 July)

    Wiig, Kristen (22 August)

    Witt, Alicia (21 August)

    Worthington, Sam (2 August)

    Yeoh, Michelle (6 August)

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    Alison.Krauss Robert Graves Amelia Earhart Zelda Fitzgerald Alexandre Dumas David Belasco Florence Entwhistle Stanley Kubrick Mick Jagger Dorothy Hamill Mary Jo Kopechne Joshua Reynolds Leo Durocher Jerry Van Dyke Peggie Fleming Jacqueline Kennedy Sally Struthers

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    ME :D

    Barack Obama

    Jennifer Lawrence

    Mila Kunis

    Jennifer Lopez

    Cara Delevingne

    Demi Lovato

    Kylie Jenner

    Cher Lloyd


    Whitney Houston

    Amanda Steele (Youtuber)

    Anna Kendrick from Pitch Perfect

    Dylan Sprouse

    Joe Jonas

    Chris Hemsworth

    Daniel Radcliffe

    Paul Wesley from The Vampire Diaries

    Shawn Mendes

    Sandra Bullock

    Ben Affleck

    Halle Berry

    Taylor Momsen from Gossip Girl

    Charlize Theron

    Taylor Schilling

    Elizabeth Gillies

    Amy Adams

    Coco Chanel (Designer)

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    Famous Leos

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    Angela Bassett 8/16

  • 10 years ago

    Robert De niro

    Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Dustin Hoffman

    Sandra Bullock

    Charlize Theron

    Matthew Perry

    Robert Redford

    Halle Berry

    Hilary Swank

    Matt Le Blanc

    Antonio Banderas

    Whitney Houston

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    Antonio Banderas

    Matthew Perry

    Ben Affleck

    Mat LeBlanc

    Edward Norton

    Mila Kunis

    Charlize Theron

    Halle Berry

    Sandra Bullock

    Hillary Swank

    Kate Beckinsale.

    Kim Catrall

    Melanie Griffith

    Whitney Houston

    Kevin Spacey

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    Lopez, Jennifer (24 July)

    Lovato, Demi (20 August)

    Madonna (16 August)

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    J.Lo and it's so obvious! She's fierce and loves attention. I remember she said something on vh1 commenting on that famous green dress. Something like, "oh I didn't think it was a big deal... it was just a dress but i guess people loved it and made such a big deal about it." Yup, she LOVES the flattery and ATTENTION.

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    Mick Jagger and Robert Plant from Zeppelin are leos!

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