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A religious friend I won't name (ok, his name is Eric) use his bible as a doorstop - will he go to hell for it?

I thought this was kind of blasphemous even though I'm an atheist and don't care but he claims to be a Christian. Do a lot of Christians do this kind of thing? Seems odd to me...

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    Dude, why did you have to go and blow my cover?

    My online atheist street cred allowed me to pull some major-league hot chicks, but now that you've outed me...


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    Some might consider it as such, but that's because they attribute a special attitude to the scriptures. It's obvious that if he were muslim, he'd already be dead for doing that to the Koran. They REALLY get uptight with their the point of death. Nice, huh.

    But for Christians, it is more about how you believe, what you do with your belief, how you act towards yourself and others. It's more about the action of believing, rather than just where a book is placed in your house.

    Usually, if someone uses their bible as a doorstop, they don't have any special faith towards their religion. And that's waht they'll get judged on more than putting the book on the floor.

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    Course they do, they do this thing all the time. Most are filled with guilt and obligation from childhood to continue a religion they have not interest or belief in.

    God would have to exist for him to burn in hell but come on heaven allows paedophiles and murders in heaven as long as they accept one of the trinity and denounce others.

  • Dude I tore pages out once and burned them.

    Kinda silly But I was mad at a fundie I saw on the news.

    and I was 16...and like now a Buddhist

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  • 9 years ago

    The Bible is not a sacred object or icon. Throwing it away, burning it, propping the window open with it, etc. - none of these things are sin.

    Now, if he's not reading it at all, and he only uses it for a doorstop, chances are he's not really a Christian after all. So, yeah...hell.

  • 9 years ago

    Sounds like a lousy doorstep.

  • HEll is GRAVES... TIRH!! Umm, athetittyistly speaking, yes. I wonder how blasphemous he'd become if he ever ran out of toilet paper... let's go hide his toilet paper together and find out!

    ((((((((SchmeckyBabby)))))))) <3<3<3 *spanky-spank*

  • Well, at least he put the old thing to a use and, judging by that use, he's not as religious as you thought.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Maybe he gets better use out of it that way than using it for firewood.

    Source(s): Piso Christ
  • 9 years ago

    Nah. -At least He's he USES his Bible for SOMEthing -beside collecting Dust...

    Source(s): Such a GOOD Atheist... ;)
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