best cities in ecuador?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Hi, Im from Ecuador. Each section has its own beauty. If you are looking for the warmest weather then the coast is it. The biggest city in Ecuador happens to be in the coast. It is Guayaquil and it has great beaches within at least 1 1/2 hour drive. (Great beaches in the coast are: Montañitas, punta carnero, libertad, salinas, playas). Another nice city in the coast is Manabi. If you want cooler weather the the highlands would be it. Quito, which is the capital of Ecuador is a must. It has the "middle of the world" monument that you can go up to. And it is actually IN the middle of the world as the ecuador line goes right through it. Otavalo is very very nice. it has a lot of arts and crafts done by the local indigenous people. Also Cuenca, Riobamba are beautiful cities to visit. If you are going to Ecuador, you HAVE TO visit the Galapagos Islands. A flight once in the country to the Islands (the only way to get there) is about $120-150 dollars if you are not from there. For locals is quite cheaper, like $60. They have the giant galapagos turtles, lots of fauna and flora. Animals and plants that you will not see anywhere else in the world. It is gorgeous and like Hawaii, there are little islands all around you can go to. The last section is the Amazon, I have never been there but I have read Puyo is pretty.

    Make sure you take benadryl for insect bites if you go to the Amazon. Also the food may be a little to hard on your stomach if you are not used to rich meals. Taking tums or pepto will help.

    Try to "fit in" with the locals. Robbers have an eye for foreigners. Wear clothes that are simple. Stay away from wearing any rings, watches, necklaces. Do not carry your passport with you. Cash and/or credit cards you might be taking put them in a "fake pocket". This is a square of cloth that you can saw inside of your pants. This is not meant to be scary but just need to be as careful as possible.

    Hope this helps!

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    4 years ago

    Best Cities In Ecuador

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    4 years ago

    Hi guys, maybe you should re-think your question. I know Ecuador and could give you some names of pretty shitty towns which are cheap, but what's the point. You could also move to Detroit and live in the ghetto which is really cheap, but I am sure you wouldn't like it that much. Decide if you would like to live in the mountains for example or by the coast, and then you take it from there. You said that you are moving to Ecuador this year. Are you sure if you are actually moving there or just go there for a longer vacation. In order to move to Ecuador you need to have a resident permit which you most likely don't have and you won't get it either based on what you are telling me. You qualify for example if you have a certain guaranteed income from outside of Ecuador, which you obviously don't have. Good luck.

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    Hi! Ecuador is a rich cultural country. The country is divided into four regions. They are all four very different: they have cultures , accents , ... differents. First there were the Galapagos Islands. These islands are located in the Pacific Ocean. They have a wide variety of animals .

    Then there is the coast. It is a very hot area. Ecuadorian call them " monkeys " , because of their accents . They are very welcoming. We can mostly eat seafood. Then there is the Sierra. The mountain region . The country has more than 5 volcanoes. What makes the beautiful landscape. Finally the last region but not least , the Amazon. Which is a most extraordinary region. If you go you have to ECUADOR by Amazon

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  • 5 years ago

    Ecuador is such a nice country. I agree that Quito (capital and middle of the world- that is where I live) is a must but also Cuenca ( historical UNESCO Heritage, Baños (Water/ adventure sports and nightlife) and of course the Galapagos. It is such a magical place. I have travelled on a cruise which I booked with a tour operator in Quito, Plaza Foch and it was amazing. The animals just will take your breath while snorkeling! Montañita also is an amzing place at the beach where you can party like no tomorrow.

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    Hi there,

    there are a lot of nice cities in Ecuador. Of course you are going to visit the capital Quito. Other nice cities are Otavalo (largest indigenous market in South America), Baños (hot springs), Cuenca (nice medium size beautiful town with the best climate in Eucador).

    Have fun.

    Source(s): Spent 1 month in Ecuador last year.
  • 10 years ago

    Like the big city life? Guayaquil (Guayas, Coast) or Quito (Pichincha, Highlands).

    Love nature? Puerto Baquerizo Moreno (Galapagos, Galapagos Region) Baños (Tungurahua, Highlands) Tena (Napo, Amazon)

  • 10 years ago

    For travelling? Banos and Otavalo were my favs.

  • 5 years ago

    Cuenca, by far. is not big and not too small..also its quite safe !

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