How To Install New Light Off Existing Can Light With No Attic?

I currently have two recessed lights over our dining room table and my wife has purchased a chandelier that would be placed between the two lights. The lights are about 4-5 apart and is below a bedroom, so we don't have attic access. We only want a single light switch, so we will only need to tap into the existing line. The home was built in 1999. Can someone give me a quick how to install off of the existing can lights?

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  • KMA
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    9 years ago
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    Sure. *

    To mount the chandelier you will need to get a box with expandable arm, typically used for ceiling fans. You start by removing** the "can" from the light furthest from the switch (less wires in it) and then cut a neat hole where the fan box will go. "Fish" a piece of romex (14/2 if the circuit is 15 amps, 12/2 if it is 20 amps) across the ceiling. Pull 10"-12" into the new box. Put the expandable arm through the hole, turn it till it is perpendicular to the joist. Check to see if the box will be flush with the ceiling. Twist it by hand till it makes contact, then verify it is where you want it. Use a pair of channel locks to seat the end plates. Install the box with the wire already in it.

    Now insert the wire into the junction box at the can light. Use a pair of pliers to twist the wires together and reinstall the wire nuts.***

    Hang the chandelier according to the instructions and you're done!

    * To be absolutely sure the power is off, don't rely on the wall switch. Turn off the breaker. And it wouldn't hurt to use a meter in addition. ("Old Sparky" here needed 20 years to learn that!)

    ** there are 3 or 4 small hex/phillips head screws holding it in place. A combination wrench or stubby screw driver will come in handy. If you get them all out without dropping one "you're a better man than I"!

    *** Try to remove the outer insulation back to within 1/2 of the entry point, strip about 1/2" of insulation from each conductor. When you have the wire nut in place, check to be sure no bare copper extends past the bottom of the nut.

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  • pacman
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    9 years ago

    Assuming the hi-hats are controlled by an existing wall switch, all you have to do is bring a hot and neutral to the chandelier. If you're using bx cable with metal boxes just ground the fixture to the new ceiling box. If you're using Romex you'll need to advance the ground from the existing circuit. If you break the daisey chain between the hi-hats make sure it's intact when you complete the wiring or you'll loose the lights on the other side of the chandelier. If your ceiling is dry wall and you have to cross the ceiling joists all you have to do is notch and patch.

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  • 3 years ago

    it extremely is attainable, in case you have an attic above the mattress room, and it extremely is confusing. First come to a determination the place you elect for the fan to flow. Drill a small hollow in the ceiling there, and push a stiff right now piece of cord up into the attic. A cord coat hanger works stable. Then upward push up in the attic and discover the cord. sparkling out the insulation to exhibit the ceiling sheetrock. hint a metallic ceiling fan container around the place the cord got here via, and decrease out the hollow. setting up some 2x4 bracing, linked to the joists, to assist the container and fan. Now the genuine relaxing starts. discover the right of the wall above the swap you elect for to regulate the fan. Drill a a million/2 to 5/8 hollow in the process the right plates, as on the brink of direclty above the swap as attainable. Then kill the circuit that controlls the swap. do away with the conceal and pull the swap as a techniques out of the container as attainable. do away with between the tabs from the right of the container. If it replace right into a fifteen amp circuit breaker or fuse controlling the swap, you will want 14 gage cord. For a 20 amp breaker, use 12 gage cord. Your going to would desire to fish the cord in the process the hollow you made above the swap, down interior the wall, and into the container the place you got rid of the tab. you ought to to purchase or borrow a fish tape for this. the different end of the cord will flow to the container the place you elect for the fan. connect white, black and floor(bare cord) to the right terminals on the swap. Hook up the fan in accordance to the guidelines that comprise it. turn the skill back on, and you ought to be waiting. in case you do not have an attic, you may the two decrease into the ceiling to run the wires or use conduit to run the wires on the floor of the wall and ceiling, and floor mount the container to the ceiling. merely be advantageous the container is securely anchored to a joist. If the container isn't securely fastened you possibility haveing the fan come crashing down onto regardless of is under it.

  • John M
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    9 years ago

    If you need the wire hidden you'll need to cut a channel for it from one of the lights and then patch and paint the drywall afterward. It's a pain if you have to cross floor joists, not as big a deal if you can run between two of them. If you have to cross over one or more joists, cut the channel wide enough to get a right angle drill in there to auger a hole for the wire at a depth that meets code for distance from the edge of the joist. Use a nail plate to protect the wire from future nails or screws if you have doubts about the depth you were able to get from either edge of the joist.

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