I am a Sagittarius woman with a Rare Pisces man!?

Ive known him since Highschool and he has always been the same except he justs gets better and better!

-He loves independent woman, & (even though he is kind of nerdy) he has PLENTY of friends, and he is 6'4 and slim (unlike the pisces description).

He gets along with Everyone; especially Taurus' and Fire and Air signs. He is EXTRMELEY intellectual and he loves to Work and is so OUTgoing! He is definilty NOT shy and he is so fun, blunt, REALISTIC, talkative, hillarious, and independent.

He is also on his way to becoming an artist. He likes to help out Everyone and even though he is blunt and realistic he knows how not to hurt anyone's feelings.

He travels ALOT (with his mom) to different countries and places. Its like he is a Pisces but with a bit of every other sign in him.

He does Anything for Me, even if he is out having fun or is busy he is always to my rescue; even if I just want to hang with him. and he is NEVER late with me. He would cut everyone off just to talk to me or be with me.

We love being together, but we are just really really close friends- no sex.

He loves to kiss me even though I dont kiss him back (I want to remain neutral/single forever Lol)

and we Always cuddle/hug and wrestle/foreplay

I'd do anything for him also, especially at the end of the day when everyone has complained to him about his problems he always has me to hold him and make him feel better and sometimes I'd take him out for something to eat.

We tell eachother that we love eachother (he said it 1st), but even though we are Super close, we are not In love with each other right now. which is just fine with us.

I have my life and he has his.

He is not Possessive or clingy at all, nor is he a push-over, and (even though he has tried it once) he does not drink or smoke and he knows how to adapt to my environment and i can adapt to his.

He is my best friend and we always except the good, bad, and the Wild in eachother.

We can do or talk about ANYthing under the sun!

-Sometimes, Im the one that's shy, mysterious, and sensitive to others. but other than that Im the definition of a Sagittarius, but I am not promiscuous!

...It makes me want to give up Astrology but its just so fun to read lol



But if a Pisces man has the courage to face his own vulnerability, and to see that it can live happily side by side with his manhood, then you have a rare creature. And he's able to maintain his manhood without disappearing underwater into the realm of escape, that is. This is the hero of so many books and films, the antihero, the gentle fighter, the sensitive lover. It's perhaps closer to our modern myth of man than any other, since it's a peculiar marriage of male and female. The Pisces man who has accomplished this has a rare charisma, a drama about him that makes him endlessly fascinating both to men and women alike.

His BIRTH CHART: Feb. 19

*Rising; Gemini

Sun: Pisces

Moon: Virgo

Mercury: Pisces

Venus: Aquarius

Mars: Aquarius


*Rising; Pisces

Sun: Sagittarius

Moon: Cancer

Mercury: Sagittarius

Venus: Aquarius

Mars: Cancer

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    Wow that described me All the Pisces I know are exactly how you described your friend. It even describes me as a Pisces woman..not saying we are all alike but we sure have a lot of the same characteristics. We are very rare and beautiful beings!!

    As for Sagitarrius ..you guys rock I love sagittarius..they are soooo honest and blunt like us

    Like pisces need you guys..u shape us..bring us to reality when we really need it. So intuitive and wise

    I don't think you should give up astrology..it's not accurate all the time especially when it comes to peoples compatibilities but some stuff is spot on and like you said it's fun information about peoples personalities and traits just based on there birthday.

    I bet you and your friend will get married lol

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    9 years ago

    Not clear of your question? Why would you want to give up on astrology because some site is speaking just about the sun sign, and nothing else. That is why it is so very important to actually study the chart. The whole chart, not just a sun, moon, and asc. (which will not be able to describe a person completely, nor with the mercury, venus and mars signs). Glad you wanted to share, but lack the understanding of your statement. I have been a professional astrologer for over 30 years, and to date would never come to conclusion about a personality based on what you have done.

    Source(s): experienced astrologer/reader
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