Why can't I change what happens when I close lid on my netbook?

I have Windows 7 Starter on my Samsung N150 Plus. I recently reinstalled the operating system with the built in recovery. Before I performed the recovery, I was completely capable of changing what my Windows would do if I closed the lid. However, after reinstalling windows, all the options under "Choose what closing the lid does" are grayed out. My current account is the full administrator, so I do not see why I do not have access. Did Microsoft remove the feature when I wasn't looking (via an update)? Or is there some setting I should be able to change to fix this? I am fairly computer savy, I fix computers regularly. This problem eludes me.

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    9 years ago
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    Actually it seems that one of Samsung's preloaded programs, Fast start, which as the name suggests allows for quicker start times from Sleep, is the culprit. Run this program and turn off the option. Then you should be able to adjust the power button and lid closing options.

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  • 6 years ago

    Please turn off the Samsung Fast Start Program. It will help you. .

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