2010 NJ Tax Due Amount - How to pay ?

Hi, Am in India and through KPMG, I have prepared my tax returns ( am US Citizen working in India for US Employer ). They have sent me me Federal/NY/NJ State tax return copies and asked me to sign and send. However, for NJ and NY, I owe some amount and for federal there is a refund.

In case of NY & Federal paper work, there is a option where it will ask for bank's account number and routing number for direct debit/credit. But, in NJ tax return papers, I do not see any such option.

My question is :

I do not have check book, credit card or debit card with me in India. I have to pay $3100 tax to NJ.

Without a check, howcan I send the paper work. I have money in my US bank account. Only way is I can do EFTS or electronic cheque payment. When I searched NJ tax site, I found below link..


Is it ok to pay my due amount from above site and attach the print out to my NJ tax paper returns before sending to NJ ? or what are other options ? I do not want any late filling issues ...

Please advice asap.



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  • 10 years ago
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    You can send the paperwork without the check to avoid late filing issues. You will still face late payment issues, but those are much less serious than late filing issues.

    You could also purchase (in India) an international money order denominated in U.S. dollars or get a cashier's check from a branch (in India) of a U.S. bank.

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