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If I had cancer would I be dead by now...?

O.K, I'm a 15 year old female. I don't really want to go into detail, but I used talcum powder in my underwear to "freshen up". I've been doing it almost everyday for the past 2 years...then I read somewhere that talcum powder has asbestos in it, and it could cause ovarian cancer.

I'm really, really scared. My periods are irregular. I'm definitely going to STOP doing it; but I'm really scared I'm going to die when I'm older. I don't even see the point in going to school, work, or anything because I'm just going to die soon anyway.

I haven't lost weight involuntarily; I do have a bit of "bad bowel movement" (but I think it's a bug going around, because everybody in my family has had a bad gut ache...)

I sometimes feel lower abdominal pain (on the left side). I kind of brushed the pain off as "nothing to worry about".

Help, I'm terrified. Absolutely, terrified...I don't know what to do any more, my life is ruined, all because of my stupid ******* self. GRR.

BTW I'm too scared to tell my Mom, my Dad or anybody...if I die, I'll just die from the tumor right then and there. :(

I just want this to go away...but it won't get out of my head...I only want somebody to tell me it will be okay :(

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    Please calm down, you are worrying over nothing.

    Asbestos has not been used in any talc since before the 1970s. And anyway, exposure to asbestos only increases the risk of ovarian cancer in women with long-term exposure to asbestos due to their jobs.

    Nobody knows what causes cancer, including ovarian cancer.Some studies have indicated an increase in risk with the use of talc, others have found no such link. One study indicated an increase in risk after 20+ years daily use.

    In 2003 researchers combined and analysed all the information from 16 studies into ovarian cancer and talc use. The combined results showed that there could be a small increased risk of developing ovarian cancer if you use talc. But Cancer Research UK says, 'the researchers decided that this was probably a statistical blip, because the risk of ovarian cancer didn't increase more if women used larger amounts of talc'.

    So use of talcum powder is thought by some to be a possible risk factor for (not cause of) ovarian cancer. It is not proven.

    And ovarian cancer is rare in young women; most cases occur in women who are past the menopause.

    Talk to your mother about this; or talk to your school nurse so that she can reassure you.

    You really are worrying for no reason

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  • 9 years ago

    No, not at all. I used to do that too, but then stopped when I developed numerous boils. My periods were irregular too. Everybody's is, actually. Nobody will tell you that their period is "Perfect and on time" No, you aren't going to die so please go to school and enjoy your life. I used to use powder every day since I was a teen, and 30 years later, I am STILL ALIVE..Go figure. You are worrying about nothing. Any of your bowel problems could be from a million normal things. No your life is not ruined. THERE IS NO TUMOR.

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  • april
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    Properly cleaned vaginal areas don't need talcum powder to be fresh. It doesn't have asbestos in it and I'm amazed you actually read that "somewhere". Your periods are irregular because you're 15, not because you use powder. The stomach issues, well, the whole family has it so....

    Source(s): i had brain cancer
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  • 9 years ago

    It's a bit like smoking.

    Keep doing it every day for the next 30 - 40 years and it may have an effect on your health.

    I find 2 things important.

    Irregular periods

    haven't lost weigh "involuntarily"

    This suggests to me that ypu have been dieting to the extent that you are now starting to cuse health issues.

    If concerned tell your mother that you would like to see a Dr about your irregular periods and take it from there.

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