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2 or more significant items in the book "Uglies"?

I read the whole book, and i could only think of one item in the book. :/ Help!

(This is for a book project.)

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    Definitely the hoverboards! They are a very significant item in the book.

    Other items could be the heart shaped locket, that was the tracking device. You could say this was significant as it was the one of the tipping points in the novel, as it was unintentionally activated which caused the Specials to come to the Smoke.

    Another item could be the food reconstituter... is that what it's called? This is a futuristic object that allows Tally to eat.

    Maybe the life buoys that can make people "float"

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    hmmm, well there's that thing Tally uses to make herself look pretty (forgot what its called), there's the hoverboards, and you could say the sunblock patches (not sure if thats in pretties). other than that, cant rlly think of anything else...

    Source(s): I've read the book :) (a while ago, so it may or may not be correct)
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    pendant, hoverboard, interface rings, crash bracelets

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