Need college help! (Junior in high school)?

Okay, I am currently a Junior in high school, and I am preparing to apply to colleges. My high school councilor isn't the best, and my parents don't really know what to tell me, my grades and standardized testing scores are higher than both my sisters. Here are my current credentials from high school so far.


Freshman Year I went to a Waldorf school, very artistic/experimental education

Sophomore-Senior (Senior is obviously projected) Public High School


Junior -- H-Alg2+Trig / AP European History / Global Studies (I only achieved 1/2 a Freshman History credit when I transferred due to different classes at each school) / Composition / H-Chemistry / History Seminar

GPA First semester -- 3.85 GPA Second Semester (Projected) -- 4.167

Senior (Current schedule as of now) -- AP Calculus AB / AP Chemistry / AP Psychology / AP Literature & Composition / History Seminar / My 6th class is duel enrollment at the University of Michigan (Flint) campus; I will only have 5 classes at my actual high school and one day a week I will have a 6th class at college, due to exceeding my school's history curriculum.

Most kids only take one or two AP classes their Senior Year, I am in one as a junior, and 4 as a senior with one class actually taught at university, so practically 5 AP classes.

My over all accumulative high school GPA is: 3.899; and I am working hard to raise this higher.

For the last two years, sophomore and junior year, clubs I have been in; National Honor Society, French Club, Link Crew (We get assigned a group of 10 freshman and show them around the school ect), Drama Club, Model United Nations.

-- I am considering doing Varsity Quiz Bowl and Science Olympiad next year as well.

I have not played any sports, but I am trying out for Varsity Soccer next year.

I scored a 25 on my ACT; I am retaking it rather soon to improve my score. I am shooting for a 28-32+

If anyone has any idea on where I should look for going to college or any helpful suggestions to help enhance my application, it would be appreciated.

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    Do some serious research of the dual enrollment program at UMichigan. There are some colleges/universities that "trap" their dual-enrollment students by charging them ludicrous withdrawal fees if you try to transfer after you graduate high school.

    Your application is already great. You have the grades and the extracurriculars; the fact that you've been doing all those things throughout your high school career (your transcript will reflect the non-traditional schooling you received in 9th grade, don't worry about that) also really helps. Adding a sport to all that might not actually be the best idea; I'd advise you to seek a leadership position in one of your clubs instead, if you're not already an officer in at least one of them. Sports take up a lot of time; you'll be taking 4 APs and a university-level course, so you'll need as much time as possible to stay on top of your work and be active in your clubs and eat and sleep.

    As for where you should begin your college search: do you know what you want to major in? If not, can you narrow it down to 2 or 3 possible majors? Talk to your guidance counselor about this if you're having trouble; that's what they're for.

    Once you've done that, it's time to make some aesthetic decisions. You're a strong enough student to basically get in anywhere you apply, so decide how far from home you want to go to college (in-state tuition is cheaper than out-of-state), how big of a school you want to attend, what kind of environment you want the school to be in (urban campus with university buildings all over the city, suburban and self-contained campus in the middle of a college town, a or school that's a bit more secluded), and any other factors that are important to you. Google colleges that fit these criteria and start scheduling tours.

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    fundamental used to be good enough, everybody acquired alongside again then. center institution used to be good enough the first 12 months, however the final two SUCKED!!! and up to now top institution's just a little bit larger than center institution. and i am not in institution/college but.

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