What can I do in fort lauderdale florida, and ny surronding area no further then 45m away,?

What can I do in fort lauderdale florida, and ny surronding area no further then 45m away,?

So im going to fort lauderdale, and idk what to do there. No further then 45m away from FL, but like hollywood fl would be okay, but not like, orlando or anything.I'm looking for exibits, resutraunts, parks, nd all that fun stuff, I cant go to clubbing since I'm under 18.

Thank you

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    Depending on your budget & transportation consider the following;

    Try the "Beach Place" just a bit north of Las Olas Blvd on A1A at the beach. . While you can't go into the bars, the complex has a large center court that usually has a crowd of people & entertainment In fact that whole stretch of beach is an easy walk & most times of the year there is some kind of event going on there.

    Not far away, on Las Olas itself, the stretch between Federal Highway & the canals is a great place to wander. it is a bit of a ritzy neighborhood but is people friendly. Try Automatic Slims at 15 W Los Olas, a bar with an indoor skate ramp, sometimes, not always, but sometimes, they let under 18 in to watch the action. You should have no trouble seeing other people your age in the area.

    Note; If you are walking in from the beach, it is a good 20+ minute walk from the inter-coastal to the start of the commercial section, it is safe to walk but a bit of a hike.

    My favorite; Dave & Busters in Hollywood just off of I-95. The game room & arcade in the back of the place can keep me busy for hours. You can often find coupons in the paper. On weekends the place can be extra crowded & hard to get on a game l like & the noise level usually overwhelming.

    If you can find a copy of the thursday edition of the Ft Lauderdale Sun-Sentinal, they have a "showtime" section that will tell you about places to go all over the south Florida area.

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