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Why dont the Pittsburgh Pirates just encourage their fans to support them more?

Ok I know some people are gonna say, "if you cant when then why the hell should I support you?" But the Pirates are the black sheep of baseball. They have one of the lowest attendances, if not the lowest, in baseball. Also the lowest payroll as no surprise. If having fans come to the games has a direct effect on payroll, why not just market heavy on having the fans support their team? Its gonna be hard but its not like they can use that money on players anyway. And they're not going to win consistently until their payroll has increased. Thoughts?

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    Maybe the PIrates owners should offer free tickets to every 2011 home game for any seat in the stadium? At the beginning of the season, the stadium would be "sold out" / full. By Memorial Day, with the team's performance, the attendance would likely be down to 50% of capacity and gradually decline further game by game.

    Most fans will only follow a team that has a chance to win. Cubs fans are a little different - their inborn culture makes them eternal optimists.

    The only thing that will attract Pirate fans (bandwagon ones included) is putting a consistent winning team on the field.

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    You can market all you want but if they want fans to return then they have to sign a couple players that can help them win a few more games. Its just a fact that if the team has no expectations at all people are not going to go to games.

    The only thing that will change is if MLB forces these teams to spend a minimum of $50 million on player salaries. John Henry was right, teams like the Red Sox, Yankees and other "large market" teams shell out millions and millions to teams like the Pirates who build great fancy new ballparks and expect that to be the big draw for the fans. Well guess what? After that shiney new stadium feeling dries up and they are 30-62 at the break people stop caring because they want to see a competitive team.

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    i imagine that they are going to get .500 this twelve months. Doumit and Mclouth had a breakout season very last twelve months. If Freddy can come back to his batting call type which will be incredible. The Laroach bro's would have 25 Hr's and over 80 Rbi's. The pitching will be more desirable constructive with Maholm,Snell, and Duke. The bullpen is tremendous with Yates, Grabow, and Capps. They actually have abunch of possibilities in the minors like McCutchen, Walker, Alzarez, Tabata, and Daniel McCutchen. it will be a loopy twelve months for the Buccos. The Rays were 17-8 very last twelve months in spring education, so a strategies the Pirates are 9-4...they stands out as the recent Rays.

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    The way they are going, they are waiting for the young guys to come up. When they reach free agency, they have the money to re-sign some of the better players (Tabata, Alvarez, Cutch, Walker). Spending money now, when it isn't likely they will win, would not be the best option, because they have a good farm system. They need to retain some money to keep their home-grown players.

    However, the Pirates offer cheap tickets (it's like $10 to get in). It's a beautiful ballpark so even if the team sucks, it's affordable and a good evening to go. However, a successful team brings in fans. The fans can't do everything to make the team better. In other words, fans don't make a team successful, rather a successful team brings in fans.

    But really, it would be awesome to see PNC Park in the playoffs. A sold-out game, good atmosphere in that beautiful stadium would be awesome to see.

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    The management DOES tell the fans to come out and support them, but most people here in Pittsburgh just aren't buying into what the management is doing because so many star players on this team have been traded away, so most Pirates fans aren't showing up because they've had it with all of the popular players leaving. That's why they always lead baseball in promotions like bobblehead nights, post-game concerts, and fireworks nights to draw in more fans. I for one support what they're doing. These trades brought in people like Jose Tabata, Ross Ohlendorf, and top pitching prospect Bryan Morris. I don't like the shitty attendance at Pirates games. I hate being there when there's like 10,000 fans there, but can you blame these people for the frustration? For god's sake I was 2 years old the last time we were any good.

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    Let's put it this way: Say you're driving and you see a car wreck; your natural inclination will be to slow down or stop and watch. But say you see the same car wreck every day for 18 years -- eventually you'll just pass by without a glance.

    That's how the Pirates are right now: A car wreck that everyone has grown used to and/or tired of. Until the team can show positive results on the field the best marketing campaign in the history of advertising will not bring fans back to the ballpark.

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    I disagree that the Pirates need to build up their payroll in order to contend. Over the course of the last ten years, a number of teams have contended, competed and even WON the world series with low salaries. The Marlins, As, Rays, Twins, Reds, Padres, Rangers and Blue Jays have fielded competitive teams with sub-median or even bottom third payrolls.

    The Pirates' struggles come from a failure of leadership. Baseball has shown that you can compete and win without being the Yankees or the Red Sox.

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    Frankly, what with Pittsburgh being one of the smallest markets in MLB AND having perennial winners in the Steelers and Penguins, the Pirates 'really' need to be good to get fans to come to games. I mean, think about it- there aren't that many people there already, and they only have so much money to spend going to games. Wouldn't they more likely spend it on two great teams, instead of a record-breaking losing team? If they were the only show in town, they'd get a boost from that, at least.

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    I don't think that encouraging the fans to support them will do too much. It's simple: fans will come to games if they want to. Encouragement will happen in the W's that the Pirates produce. I think another factor is because of the Phillies taking all the fans in Philadelphia

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    The only people that consistently support a sh*t product are Toronto Maple Leafs fans. The team has to get better first.

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