what are good cheap ideas to make a deck for my front end of my boat?

i have a 14 foot gibson three seater and i plan to deck from the middle seat to the bow of the boat what are some cheat easy ways thanks and if possible show me how to get these things?

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    A good marine-grade plywood, free of voids, 1/2 inch if there is good support underneath to prevent bending under strain, or 3/4 plywood if there's not perfect support- cut to shape (leaving 1/4" gap between the hull and the deck. Seal the ends of the plywood with polyester resin, then fiberglass the deck piece- 1 layer of glass on each side, 2 on the top if it's going to see heavy action. Screw into place, then seal the screws with more polyester. Use bondo (auto body dent filler) or thickened polyester to bridge the gap between the deck and the hull. Shape it with a spoon to give it a shallow curve. Fiberglass over the filler after it hardens using strips of fiberglass 6-8 inches wide to bond the deck to the hull. 2 layers of glass.

    I'm simplifying here; there's all sorts of ways to get a stronger bond, but for pleasure boats this will do fine- the tyoe and density of the glass cloth has a lot to do with strength- for your purposes, it doesn't matter so long as it's smooth and watertight.

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    biggest problem with any attempt at what you describe is the weight of the platform itself and its effects on the balance of the boat and total weight capacity.

    1/2"-3/4" plywood, sealed with a good deck water proofing product would be the cheapest and easiest way. 1/2" if you and any other passengers are light enough for it hold up, 3/4" if average adult weight or more.

    some 2x4s as bracing and supports as needed. you should be able to do it without adding much weight.

    but how much is too much?

    and how much bow weight is too much?

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