Military Address Questions?

I'm obviously not going to post his address, but I've heard it goes like

Cpl. John Doe


Unit #


Correct me if I'm wrong. In his address, next to his organization information it says FWD and then has other information. And then next to unit it has a slash and then more information. Do I just like omit that part or write it as I see it?

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    CPL Doe, John

    X company X battalion

    APO AE 10101

    is the minimum you need for mail to get where its going. APO AE 10101 being changed to APO/FPO, AE/AA, and zip code as necessary.

  • NWIP
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    1 decade ago

    Write it as it has been given to you. Each command has different types of addresses. Unit numbers will be different as well for the branch and location they are in.

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