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Please help me put together my my gothic/mysterious/sexy bedroom?

Ok so my bedroom is small.. So small to put a queen size bed in here I would have to get rid of alot of stuff so it didn't look like the bed was taking up too much of the bedroom. I don't mind replacing alot of things to make the room look great..I would consider a queen bed if I can be assured it would look good in here and could find a way to store all of my stuff, with having a bunch of stuff but everything put away so you wouldn't see it., I have furniture ideas..I'm just unsure what color carpet,walls and where to place everything..oh and some suggestions to art work and candlebra/candle/decorative items would be fantastic!


(black sheets for a more gothic look and can the wall be some kind of pink or purple? if so find a good quality color for me?)


(full or queen)


(set like that but not sure what color or style is best with the bedding I chose)


if you actually need to see the dump of a room it currently is..then I can upload photos to photobucket and send you the link to them..BUT you have to have it so I can email you through yahoo answers!

Update 2:

still haven't gotten the answers I'm looking for. I posted the bedding I want.. and furniture and I get links to stuff I didn't ask about..I need to know how to use the items I want properly...for example I like the furniture set I posted for the bed but I'm not sure that style goes with the look I'm trying to have...

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    if you want a gothic look add some black candles to your room they will look awesome. You can mix them with various colors like black and red. You can get the long taper candles and can get a nice candle holder that goes on your wall or get a funky candle plate to put them on. has tons of candles.

    I love the idea of black sheets and bedding with different wall colors. If it's too dark though it will be kind of blah. Here's some ideas :)

    I like these:

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Try looking through a home decor magazine to inspire you for ideas! If you're allowed to paint your walls, than try a funky design that expresses your personality! Buy a whole new bed set and window curtain that matches the walls, and add some throw pillows to your bed! Once your bed is all in place, try putting everything else that you need into place as well. Make sure there's extra room to move around in! The stuff that won't fit in your room, or you don't need anymore, you can get rid of. Good luck! :)

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