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Was Douglas a girls name in Tudor England?

I have been reading alot of Phillipa Gregory latey and I came across a baby girl of 3 years old called Douglas. I know that Phillipa works from fact so if Douglas wasn't used for girls in the Tudor period she would not have used it but I can't find any info on Douglas being used as a girls name in that time period.

Any help/info....gratefully recieved.



Just for info: I mean as a Christian Name/Given Name not a Surname

Update 2:

She is very sure about her information and the child was a living person not a fictional character but I'd just like some more info.

Update 3:

Right, she is the youngest daughter of William Howard, the Duke of Norfolk's younger brother (Thomas Howard) by his wife Margaret (known as Peggy). They had a manor and estate in Reigate in Surrey in the years of Henry Vlll's marriage to Catherine (Cat) Parr.

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    I'm not aware of it being used as a Christian name for either sex in that period. Certainly not in England. In Scotland it was a family name/title - as in the Earl of Douglas.

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