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german homework past tense help?

i have to change this paragraph into german past tense :

i wake up at seven and get up. then i brush my teeth and get dress , at half seven go to the kitchen and have toast fo breakfast. i go to school at eight. i come home from school at half three and do my homework which i find boring. then i watch tv and have my tea at six o clock. i go on the computer then got bed at 11 o clock

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    Why would you change a present tense paragraph into the past tense? That being said the perfect is relatively simple. Most verbs take haben, the past participle at the end of the sentence. You need to be careful with reflexive verbs which are common here.

    gehen - "to go" takes sein, not haben

    half 3 is "halb vier" (ie: half 4)

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  • tell ur teacher fich dich schlampe

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