how much money has been donated to Japan?

And I mean worldwide - how much money has the whole world donated to Japan (in the light of the recent earthquake)?

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    I read an article a couple days ago in a Japanese paper that approx 6,250,000 USD was donated to Japan. Probably through the Red Cross (but I am not sure). The paper says most of them are donated by US citizens.



    OK, if you were really serious about this question, I give you this list of donations and other assistance by foreign governments (not including donations from private citizens) from all over the world according to the Sankei Shinbun (a Japanese paper) on Mar 27th, 2011.

    The USA

    US military: 180,000 personnel.

    US Navy vessels: 19

    US Air Force aircraft: 140

    Goods: 230 tons

    Food: more than 60,000 meals

    USAID rescue team members: 144

    USAID rescue team dogs: 12

    Financial assistance: 145,000 USD

    Nuclear plant specialists dispatched to Japan: 39

    Unmanned aerial vehicle: Global Hawk

    USF Reconnaissance aircraft: U2

    Unti-radiation suits: 10,000

    In addition, 450 specialists in nuclear accidents are ready to be dispatched.


    A 15-member rescue mission

    emergency goods: 30 million CNY (4,6 million USD)

    Gasoline: 10,000 tons.

    Cruid oil: 10,000 tons.

    Republic of Korea:

    107 members of rescue mission

    53 tons of boric acid (to prevent nuclear fusion inside the nuclear reactors.


    161 members of Russian rescue team

    170,000 blankets and a large amount of drinking water


    28 members of Taiwan rescue team

    Financial aid: 3,5 million USD


    12 members of Mongolian rescue mission.

    Financia aid: 1 million USD


    15 members of Indonesian rescue mission

    Financial assistance: 2 million USD


    4,300 blankets

    200 mattresses

    drinking water: 20,000 bottles

    Financial assistance: 40,000 USD


    Financial assistance: 6,7 million USD

    20,000 blankets


    donation: 202,500 USD


    donation: 101,250 USD


    donation: 101,250 USD


    25,000 blankets

    10,000 bottles of drinking water


    biscuits: 13.5 tons

    powder milk: 9 tons

    1.5 tons of drinking water


    donation: 1 million dollars


    75 members of rescue mission

    Financial assistance: 10 million USD.

    New Zealand:

    52 members of resmissionsion


    32 members of rescue mission

    South Africa:

    45 members of rescue mission


    Financial assistance: 500,000 USD.


    a total of 70 tons of goods, including 25,000 blankets; 2,000 mattresses; and 300 sleeping bags.


    69 members of rescue mission


    134 members of rescue mission.

    100 tons of boric acid

    anti-nuclear suits: 10,000.


    41 members of rescue mission.


    27 members of rescue mission


    25,000 blankets.


    2,000 blankets


    2.5 tons of drinking water


    as of Mar 29, 2011

    (the Wall Street Journal)


    AKB48: 500 million yen ($6.2 million)

    Namie Amuro, Japanese pop singer: 50 million yen

    Bae Yong-jon, Korean actor: 1 billion won ($889,000)

    Sandra Bullock: $1 million

    Chen Guangbiao, Jiangsu Huangpu Renewable Resources CEO: 13 million yen

    Choi Ji Woo, South Korean actress: 200 million won

    Yu Darvish, baseball player with the Nippon Fighters: 50 million yen

    Clint Eastwood, American actor and director: $1 million

    Ayumi Hamasaki, Japanese pop singer: 35 million yen

    Ichiro Suzuki: 100 million yen

    Kim Hyung-joong, South Korean actor: 100 million won

    Hiroshi Kume, Japanese TV anchor: 200 million yen

    Li Ka Shing, Hong Kong investor: $1 million

    Elaine Low, affiliated with Singaporean company PT Bayan Resources: $783,000 (S$1 million)

    Hideki Matsui: 50 million yen

    Park Chon-ho, South Korean baseball player on Orix: 10 million yen

    Ryu Si-won, Korean actor and singer: $180,000

    Song Seung-hun, Korean actor: $180,000

    Tadashi Yanai, Fast Retailing CEO: 1 billion yen


    Canon: 300 million yen

    Casio Computer: 10 million yen

    Fast Retailing: 400 million yen

    Fujifilm Corp: 300 million yen

    Credit Suisse: $1 million

    Goldman Sachs: 500 million yen

    Honda Motor: 300 million yen

    Kirin Holdings: 300 million yen

    Eli Lilly: 100 million yen

    Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.: 100 million yen

    Japan Sumo Association: 50 million yen

    Jefferies: $5.25 million

    Konica Minolta: 50 million yen

    Michelin: $1 million

    Mitsubishi Electric: 500 million yen

    Morgan Stanley: 500 million yen

    Nikon: 100 million yen

    Nissan Motor: 430 million yen

    Panasonic Corp: 300 million yen

    Ricoh Co. Ltd.: 300 million yen

    Seiko Epson: 100 million yen

    Sony: 300 million yen

    Suntory: 300 million yen

    Tokyo Apache and Evolution Capital, Japanese professional basketball team.: $1 million

    Toyota Motor Corp.: 300 million yen

    UBS: 100 million yen

    Wal-Mart: $5 million

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    Not enough, hundreds of $billions in infrastructure damage. Thousands of displaced families.

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    I am sure no one has the exact information and amount given.

    But, the United States has donated Billions of dollars to support the Japan relief from the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear safety, along with the country recovery.

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    I heard like 16 million.. I may be wrong. But the damage is going to cost billion to recover.

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    Why does it matter? what will you do with that information?

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