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My ejaculations are bloody, my testicles hurt and I have burn marks on my scrotum, what should I do?

My friend took me to a party last night and I can't remember anything. I feel dead inside and I can't hear anything people are saying. It's like I'm suddenly deaf. Also I have little burn marks all over my arms. What the hell happened to me? Should I call the cops? Except I can't remember anything.


My anus is all also really sore too, as well. And my eyebrows are shaved off! OMG! What happened to me? I'm scared.

Update 2:

I just woke up. I guess I've been asleep all day. My teeth are sore also. Why would all my molars be sore? And my throat hurst like I've been yelling.

Update 3:

I can't remember if I was at a show or not. It was at some house in the hills somewhere. Someone handed me a tasty mint drink. That's all I remember getting sleepy though.

Update 4:

Will my testicles still be able to make sperm?

Update 5:

It seems like this is a dream and not reality, but my room mate has verified the burns and the shaved eyebrows, and he says that I'm yelling when I talk. Will this go away before classes start again? Should I go see the nurse? Someone help. Please. What the hell happened to me?

Update 6:

Someone hacked into my facebook account also. Damn. And my iphone is missing. I am so screwed. What the hell happened to me?

Update 7:

Now I can't sleep either. This messed up. It's like my brain has been zapped into being continuously on. What if I become unable to do schoolwork and unable to function in society? My parents are going to kill me if I flunk out of college. I can't focus on anything. I don't know what to do. I have to write a paper on torture for my psychology and ethics class and I can't even watch tv without getting confused.

Update 8:

Would this be considered kidnapping or torture? Because they obviously kept me without my consent and did terrible things to me. It's been a couple days now. My hearing has returned and a lot of the pain has gone away. My eyebrows should probably grow back and I'll just have to live with these burn marks. I think they're second degree so therefore they won't scar. I think I'm going to be ok. I'm a little panicky around people but I think I can get over it. Be careful what you drink at parties everyone. Or you might end up all toasted like me.

Update 9:

Definitely better now. My hearing has increased exponentially and I'm not yelling at people. The pain in my testicles is mostly gone and there's no more blood in my ejaculatory fluids. I think I'm going to be ok. My concentration is better and I seem to be able to focus most of my tasks until they are finished. The paper basically wrote itself. I think I'm starting to remember everything that happened.

Update 10:

Got an A on my paper! LOL! In her office my professor said, "From now on try to keep you D**K out of the toaster!" LOL! What a funny sense of humor she has! That's why I love her class on ethics."

I've been trying to calculate the monetary damages for kidnapping and torture. Does anyone know a good source for finding these types of judgments?

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  • yogiji
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    ? sodomised..

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  • Scott
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    9 years ago

    Sounds like someone put knockout drops in your drink... I'd go see the nurse cause it sounds like some body maybe did something to you while you were knocked out

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