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women and the so called "bad boys"...?

some time ago i was with this girl. we were sitting on the bed talking and laughing and making stupid jokes and then out of nowhere, i had this urge to ask about her past boyfriends (she told me they were bad boys before, but i never really cared up until that moment).

she said something like this: "well, yeah they were bad boys and i was crazy about them and it was very exciting to be with them and not knowing what would happen next, but i then i grew up and realized that my time is precious and i want a nice guy now"

this may not seem like much to you, but this was a kick in the nuts for me. this is what i understood : "yeah, they banged my brains out and i had a lot of fun, but now that i am getting older and my biological clock is ticking, i want a guy that's going to take care of me". kinda felt like i was the scraps that no one wants until they get really hungry and have no other choice.

was i right to be mad and break off the relationship?


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    Yes. its a kick in the nuts.

    Yes, it means exactly what it sounds like.

    Yes, you are desperate if you put up with it.

    edit: Everyone is taking up for her, but i bet if you turned around and said "that's ok, cuz I had fun with tons of prostitutes before you, now I want a normal boring gf." everyone would be mad at you!

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    You could have stepped up and been the bad boy with a heart of gold...but if you aren't able to jump to the bad boy level it was probably better to step down. Women like bad boys THEIR WHOLE LIVES because of the subconscious desire to be with an alpha male. When we're young, the bad boys don't need to have anything but some metal (piercings, motorcycles, etc) and a desire to f* constantly-but when we're older we want the guy who will do us silly AND listen to our feelings, keep a steady job, be a great dad. It may sound like a lot, but it's what women really want...not the total bad boy, not the soft squishy good guy-someone who can be a good mix of both.

    Source(s): Happily married to a bad ass squishy guy
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    I am right there with ya - I feel like being a nice guy makes me either:

    1. boring

    2. a dupe

    3. a last resort

    4. a safety net

    5. sloppy 2nds

    that doesn't mean u shoulda broke it off - those situations tell me that I was always the right choice but they never saw it - and some women that have gone thru those things tend to appreciate a nice guy more than others

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    Definitely "Rowdy" is right on!

    Darlin', you could have been sitting on the bed with ME! I dated lots of 'bad boys' -- they were so cute, fun, and dangerous! [No! They didn't 'bang my brains out!' I just went out with them!] I ultimately decided that I really wanted to end up with a nice guy -- a guy who was kind, smart, and funny! A guy like that (Is that you?) is definitely the first/best choice of we really smart ladies!

    Don't read too much into your friend's past. She might be a really smart lady like me!

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    Dude your an idiot!

    Every girl in the world loves a bad guy but most bad guys will probably die alone because when girls learn they're ignorant, they ditch them. The girl just meant that she considered the bad boys to be a fling and when it was over, she wanted a real relationship with you!

    Girls love a black knight over a prince but they usually end up with the prince because they want a life, not someone banging their brains out until they die. The girl liked you but you got your pride hurt so you dumped her which is very stupid. Although I do agree with you for being angry about that. Guys like bad girls too but they settle for nice girls or they will probably get divorced and lose half their possessions.

  • K D
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    You over reacted. You asked about her past and she was honest. Don't ask if you can't handle the answer. There is nothing odd about her answer. Many women date bad guys or bad boyfriends and we live and learn. You should have taken it as a compliment that she thought you were a nice guy...a keeper.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    This is why I keep saying never ask any questions. You might not like the answer you get. And you didn't like the answer you got. Would I have broke it off with her? Probably not.

  • Yes, this is Very common.

    As a nice guy, I have met this type of woman a thousand times.

    With every guy, except me, it was a not stop romp of sex and fun....but as soon as she meets me, she wants a 'normal' relationship.

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    Well, Ive met plenty of those types....and I enjoyed everyone....he he.....So, you are a GOOD BOY...nothing wrong in that....I know plenty of GOOD 12 year old minister....Man, wake up, she wanted you to slam her down on that bed and get ta slammin.....are you that good or that blind?

    So, get he back do your thang and make sure to dump her hard....she will come running back for more.....

  • Anonymous
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    first i had joe citizen, i was a virgin, married him still in my teens.

    much later i met the bad boy, tall great shoulders , great arms & voice, knew how to please a woman. wonderful kisser.

    i just loved the way he smoked, played pool, not into motorcycles but it drove me crazy the way he used his boot to switch gears [i guess] however he was bad to me.

    i ended up marrying him, it's been a very bumpy ride. at least he makes good $

    i'd say you will meet the girl who is looking for a good man.

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