Active directory domain services are currently unavailable when browsing for computers in remote shut down?

I was trying to use the Direct Shutdown dialog in windows 7. when i go to "browse" for computers it tells me that the Active Directory Domain Services are currently unavailable. how do i fix this problem? ive tried opening it as admin, and everything, Google is not helping any. Can someone help?

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  • 9 years ago
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    You have to be in an Active Directory domain for it to work because only an Administrator can shut computers down remotely. If you're not in a domain your Administrator account is limited to the computer you're on only. If you're part of an Active Directory domain and have a domain admin account, you're the admin of every computer within the domain. If you DO have a domain and directory services still won't let you do the remote shutdown thing, just type in the name of the computer you want to shut down.

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