26 yeas old forced air furnace(electric)?

Today I had a home inspection in the condo which I am going to buy.

We found out the forced air furnace (electric) is 26 years old, and AC/heat pimp is 10 years old.

According to the inspector, it is time to replace. But I heard that costs a lot. Is there anyone who has such a old system? Can I ask the seller to ask the replacement?

If I replace it, how much do I need to expect? I live in US. Thank you.


Thank you for helpful advice!

Can I replace only one of them? If so, what happens?

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    The a/c heat pump being 10 years old isn't bad, depending on where you live and how much use the cooling and heating gets, 10 years would be like having 100,000 miles on your car.

    Also you should know the heat pump is the first source for heating, that is the a/c conditioning working in reverse, the heat pump will keep up until the temperature gets down to around 35 F. At which point the electric furnace will be a source of supplemental heat. Besides the heating elements and relays for the electric furnace the blower motor also sits in the furnace and that blower is used for all cooling and heating purposes, If you decide to hang onto the old unit that would likely be a repair at some point that will need to be made if it hasn't ben done so already. A blower installed parts and labor roughly 3-400$. If the heating elements go bad, and or relays or some of the wiring needs repaired you may be looking at a couple hundred to fix those things as well. All in all there isnt really much to those things, other than the idea its probably has its fair share of dirt collected on the inside. Replacing it may run a couple thousand.

    On a last thought I don't believe the inspector gave you exact information, most times the indoor coil for the heat pump and a/c is a included inside the electric furnace, or they call it an air handler at that point. in other words part of the a/c and heat pump are 26 years old as well and you just have a 10 year old outdoor unit / compressor. if so than that will definitely need replaced since the indoor coil will tend to leak by 15 years give or take. Than again the coil could be seperate, or could have already been replaced and the new one still sits in the old air handler.

    Best advice would be to have a technician check it out, although he's probably going to try and sell you something before he even takes the panels off to look in the inside. I guess the thing to take from this is that things can always be fixed but after that long its probably not worth it, hopefully you found something useful here,

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    A positive with a electric furnaces is they tend to last a long time the biggest issue you have is what type of heating element it uses and can it be replaced if it breaks. I have seen electric furnaces at 40 years old still running. The fact is That the electric furnace is being used as back heat and isn't being used as often as a typical furnace since you have a heat pump doing most of the heating in the condo.

    The problem you will have is changing the system over when the heat pumps dies you may have to switch everything out because of new refrigerant and stuff.

    Condos tend to be tricky also on system change out some are really simple and accessible while others are not. This will greatly figure into your price. Depending on the size of the system you need will also figure into price. If you can find rebates and good deals you are looking at about 5000.00 on the low end. I am currently working up a bid for a condo in my area another company told them 18,000.00 that is extremely high even for a house.

    Hope this helps

    Source(s): HVAC tech and company owner
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    I don't know about heat pumps.

    All electric heaters are 100% efficient. That is, the best new heating element will not be cheaper to produce the same amount of heat as the oldest.

    The fan motors and ease of flow can very in efficiency but not by a lot.

    You could just replace the motor, but probably wouldn't save the cost of the motor for years and years.

    If you are going to replace electric with electric wait till it dies and you can't get parts.

    Do make sure your unit is tuned up (mostly that means clean) and your ducts are not leaking and are well insulated.

    Now you can still get estimates for the new units show them to the seller and try to negotiate some money back (off the price). Weather you get or deserve any $ depends or what your paying in the first place. Repairs are often easier to get taken off the price than simply offering less because some people feel they are farther along the process and don't want to have to start over.

    If you are afraid someone else might come and steal away this house that you are getting at such a bargain, don't give them the chance, show the seller the inspection report and just get closed.

    If you like this house but would like to save some more money AND if it falls through you know you can find something else, show the report get the bids, and be prepared to walk if they don't take off the full price for a new system.

    Or something in-between.

    Source(s): I have been a contractor for 19 years. My parents replaced their electric forced air furnace after 32 years. It was still working fine but they finally got natural gas.
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    I have a forced air electric furnace, 21 years old now. I had to get it serviced last year, can't even remember what it was, maybe a belt or it needed oil, pretty minor but I'm betting it hadn't been serviced in 10 years if the way the previous owners did everything else is any indication. I asked the guy if it was getting time to think about replacing and he said that as long as you can get parts, the furnace can keep going and there aren't that many parts to them. Basically they're a fan and an element like a huge toaster element. Said they last a long long time and that's one of the advantages of electric forced air. Friend of mine just had the motor go on her 30 year old electric furnace. Cost $400.

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    26 yeas old forced air furnace(electric)?

    Today I had a home inspection in the condo which I am going to buy.

    We found out the forced air furnace (electric) is 26 years old, and AC/heat pimp is 10 years old.

    According to the inspector, it is time to replace. But I heard that costs a lot. Is there anyone who has such a old system? Can I...

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    Karen is right. An electric forced air furnace doesn't have a life span in the same sense that a fossil fuel burning furnace would. Usually the furnace will contain three to five heating coils which burn out, much like the filament in a light bulb; however, as long as coils can be purchased, they can be replaced. The remaining mechanics (blower motor, relays, etc.) can also be swapped out as needed. The inspector may have recommended replacement of the coils, not because of failure, but because (like any other resistance based electrical appliance) as the coils deteriorate they will use more and more electricity to provide the same amount of heat. Although the system will continue working, its efficiency is likely to be fairly poor after 26 years. As far as who is responsible for the furnace's repair there is no set rule for this. Anything can be negotiated with the seller (as long as your money is still in your pocket) but generally if something is broken in the system (eg. one of the coils is buned out) then the seller would be responsible - if the system works and your changing coils simply to improve efficiency then you would be responsible. As far as the heat pump goes, 10 years seems a bit young to require replacement in my neck of the woods, but environment and type of pump can be big factors. Here (Ottawa, Canada) a typical air based heat pump will generally last 15 - 20 years before significant cost repairs are needed. Unfortunately there are too many variables to be able to give you an approximate cost for full or partial replacement of the HVAC systems. Hope this helps!

    Source(s): Abode Inspection Services Inc. - www.abode.ca
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    Mine is a York and is thirty eight years old. It has worked beautifully for all those years until last November. The heater has bit the dust and I can't afford to get it fixed so, I'm sitting here freezing my fanny off! My advice to you is ,if you can afford a new one at this time,get it. You might not have the funds when you really need one.

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    Get some estimates from local contractors to replace (there will be a comma in the price) and bring the costs to the attention of the seller, you should get them to adjust their price by at least half the cost, depending on how good a "wheeler-dealer" you are.

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