Staph infection worry....?

My sister that's 8 years had a bug bite on her left leg in August 2009 and it swelled up and was filled with pus, but we never got it looked at by a doctor. Recently she was complaining about her leg, so I told her to roll up her pants and on her right leg there was a bump that looked exactly like the bug bite she got in August 2009, we have suspicion that it is a staph infection. Here are some pictures of it:

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  • 10 years ago
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    she should see a medical doctor for this to get medication to take by mouth and some medication to apply to the area . while waiting to see medical doctor she can apply warm moist compress twice a day for ten minutes then apply polysporin or neosporin if she is not allergic and cover with bandage also when she takes a bath she can have epsom salt in the bath water to help with this area

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