What are baseball card team sets?

I'm interested in beginning collecting baseball cards, and I thought I'd start by trying to get each player on the team by year. However, I to collect the cards from the complete set. I thought I read somewhere that team sets were special collections manufactured by the baseball card company. Is this true or are team sets generally cards left over from others collecting something else? Thanks.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Team sets are all (or most) of the players from one team, taken out of a full set of cards. Some collectors only want cards of their favorite team, so dealers cater to them by breaking up complete sets and selling team sets. Some of the team sets you see offered on eBay, especially vintage cards from the early 1980s and older, are not complete sets of all players on that team in that set. They may be missing a few cards. Sometimes, they will not include the key rookie card of a player and this card will be sold separately.

    The best way to get a complete team set, year by year, is to get the complete full set.

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