How would I find out prison records of prison trustys at Parchman prison in Mississippi?

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    Probably depends on the time frame...

    From FAQ.....

    "How can I find out if someone has been sentenced to the Mississippi Department of Corrections?

    Click on Inmate Search to search for active inmates.

    Click on MS Parole Board parolee search to search for active parolees.

    For all others contact the MDOC Records Department at 601-933-2889"

    From the MS State Archives Catalog results search of the word Parchman

    Mind you they may not be available on the internet, so also check "Digital Archives"

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    This Site Might Help You.


    How would I find out prison records of prison trustys at Parchman prison in Mississippi?

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    Parchman Inmate Search

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    The problem is, you lied to the authorities and it is up to them what happens. If it is not a penalty issue, then court and prison are not considered. What is considered is your travel. You might be barred from travel or you could be expelled from the country. And yes, anything that the authorities do to you is put on your record. But, what can be done with that record can only be used against you if you have another episode of lieing to the authorities about your age. By lieing to the travel police, you place yourself in the terrorist category.

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    CyndisList Prisons and Outlaws section has a number of good resources.

    In addition, Ancestry has a number of articles you can read without a subscription. I used the search term "prison"

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    Criminal Record Search Database :

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