What is the name of this movie?

There is a scene where a women is remembering an event that happened in her past, it involved her child I believe, and the kid wanted to sleep with this toy horse thing, at least I think it was a horse, however, in the middle of the night the string or cord attached to the toy wraps around the child's neck and kills the child. That's really all I remember about the movie. If anyone could help that would be awesome.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Reunion (1994 TV movie)

    starring Marlo Thomas, Peter Strauss, Frances Sternhagen, Courtney Chase, Leelee Sobieski, Victor Slezak, Susan Kellermann

    IMDb review:

    The story revolves around a woman named Jessie Yates, who, with her husband, Sam, has three children, the youngest of whom, Jamie, almost dies at birth then later perishes in a tragic accident {{as you describe in your question}}. Directed by actress Lee Grant, "Reunion" shows how one family deals or attempts to deal with the death of a child~a son who makes ghostly appearances witnessed at first by Jessie then later by one of the children. The script manages to tiptoe then jump into a dramatic and ghostly thriller wherein an angst-filled woman becomes tempted to cross over to the other side of reality. Or is it insanity?

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