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Can i get back pay if i was supposed to be promoted to pfc in January ?

I got flagged for failing pt test in November but was counseled and told by unit that if I passed it in 30-90 days that the flag would be removed... That never happened and has since kept me from being promoted and we've been busy getting people back from deployment so I was wondering if all they have to do is put an expiration date on the flag would I get backpay since I lost money cause of the unit

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  • Stuart
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    9 years ago

    Depends on what branch of the military, where you're stationed, your MOS, and the type company you're assigned to.

    Typically, you would want to talk to the company gunny or the company first sergeant to ask that the flag be removed. Failing a PT test will not be an easy thing for your chain of command to forget.

    There is no requirement that you be promoted. One of the qualities that leads to promotion is leadership qualities. Think on that, and decide what you need to do to make the unit see you as PFC material, and not private material.

    - Stuart

  • Bobby
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    9 years ago

    So, did you pass the test? You can forget the back pay, so now you can work on doing whatever you have to do to get that promotion, and then you will receive more pay.

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