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What were some changes in north american economy in the 20th century?

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    After WW1 and especially after WW2, North America (specifically USA and Canada) experienced an economic boom. They became wealthier due to being repayed for being in the war by the defeated Axis. With the money (and with the immigration that followed) both countries built extensive road systems, and transportaion systems (bus routes, subways, airports, trains, etc) and developed cities. Major cities like Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Edmonton, Montreal (Canada) and New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington, San Fransisco, San Diego, Miami, Dallas, Detroit, and Chicago skyrocketed as cities expanded. Many of these cities has a city population or Metro Area of more than 1 million. The largest being the New York Metro (currently 22+ million) and the LA area (currently 10+ million). These areas were vastly wealthy and homes were affordable outside the city's core. Both countries prospered as standard of living and wealth rose, and unemployment and poverty decreased.

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