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Anonymous asked in Education & ReferenceQuotations · 9 years ago

Anyone knows who is the author of this quote?

"When I die I'll go to heaven cause I've spent my time in hell"

I'm going to have this quote tattooed and I would like to know who the author is.

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  • Molok
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    9 years ago
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    "When I die I'll go to Heaven because I've spent my time in hell" appears to be a paraphrase of a US Marines military song. The exact phrase you're after was used on T-Shirts occasionally worn by Vietnam Veterans as early as 1972, but may be much older than that. The line has been appropriated for a lot of different purposes and has been re-used in new songs written as late as 2007.

    The song title is sometimes referred to as "The Marine" and the author appears to be unknown.

    This is one version of it:

    "You can keep your army khaki,

    you can keep your navy blue.

    I have the World's best Fighting man,

    to introduce to you.

    His uniform is different,

    the best you've ever seen.

    The Germans called him 'Devil Dog,'

    his real name is Marine.

    He was born on Parris Island,

    the place where God forgot.

    The sand is eighteen inches deep,

    the sun is blazing hot.

    He wakes up in the morning,

    before the rising sun.

    He'll run a hundred miles or more,

    before the day is done.

    He's deadly with a rifle,

    a bayonet made of steel.

    He took the warrior's calling card,

    he's mastered how to kill.

    And when he gets to heaven,

    to Saint Peter he shall tell.

    "One more Marine reporting, sir,"

    "I've served my time in hell."

    So listen all you young girls,

    to what I have to say.

    Go find yourself a young Marine,

    to love you every day.

    He'll hug you and he'll kiss you,

    and treat you like a queen

    There is no better fighting man:

    the United States Marine!"

    Are you sure you want this as a tattoo now?

    Source(s): one discussion thread regarding the song.,1341213 mention of a photograph of someone wearing a T-Shirt with the slogan on it.
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  • 4 years ago

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  • ?
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    9 years ago

    Google it and you come up with a lot of ideas, but no specific author.

    There is a song...

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