Michigan State, University of Michigan, or University of Iowa?

I know Iowa's a little random compared to the first two..

and Michigan University would be my stretch school to apply to.

I'm applying to all, and I hear great things about all these schools, so I'm just wondering what anyone else's opinions on them are!

How did you like it?

Are the dorms/social life/academics good?

Nice people?

Thanks! :)

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  • 10 years ago
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    IDK about University of Iowa. sorry XDD But I know MSU & UofM.... I'll give some general info about each.

    MSU is cheaper and easier to get in, but not nearly as prestigious as UofM. MSU is considered a "party school" much more so than UofM (although both schools can have crazy parties-- it's a general university thing LOL) And, MSU has good science/ environmental science/ like- academics-- that is their biggest field I think.. It's in East Lansing, MI-- so, there's a bit of a downtown life.

    UofM-- I'm a bit partial to as I've been a part of the community for work for a couple years and will soon attend school there. But, anyway~ it's more expensive than the other schools in the state, but considered a "public ivy league"-- it is really an awesome school w/ an amazing reputation. If you can get in-- it'll be worth it in the long run I think (depending on your individual degree). Also, there was a story on Yahoo I believe, that stated UofM has the best ROI (return on investment) in Michigan. For the school, it is a good investment.

    UofM has a huge, diverse # of academics, very much a liberal arts school, but also good engineering & premed/ med--- much greater offering of various fields than MSU, I know. Like for example, they have almost all the languages you can imagine they offer-- which really pulled me in. :))) As well as awesome city life, as well as beautiful natural scenery (in Ann Arbor). There are always things to do & a lot of job/ internship/ etc opportunities, as well as A TON of on-campus clubs, events, and communities to join that'll make you feel an actual part of the community. A lot of the people I know there are fun, smart and interesting-- but yes, there are people who have a sense of arrogance as, it is the best school in Michigan. Dorms are good, it depends your own individual accomadations though, regardless-- all are very nice. The newest dorm- North Quad is freakin' BEAUTIFUL!! Like, an amazing hotel, though, you have to be an upperclassmen~

    Source(s): UofM UG student :) http://www.msu.edu/ http://www.umich.edu/
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    Do you mean the college of Michigan (vast Ten) or Michigan State college (vast Ten) and Iowa State (vast XII) or The college of Iowa (vast Ten) in case you're speaking on the subject of the Michigan Wolverines and the Iowa Hawkeyes, the Wolverines lead the best-ever sequence 40-10-4

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