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Causes of overpopulation?

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i think the cause is one child policy because china want to reduce there population that's why they had one child policy so people can only have one child. there are many people ...show more
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Hello Mehri,

There are many factors that contribute to overpopulation, stripped down to the basics it’s a) because more people are being born than there are people dying and b) people are living longer.

Here are some factors that are involved. Many of these we take for granted but in some countries, particularly in Asia and Africa, such things are only now becoming available…

• Better medical provisions, availability of drugs and advances in medical science
• Greater food production leading to less starvation
• Better disease control leading to less epidemics
• The eradication of certain diseases such as smallpox
• Improved sanitation and sewerage so less diseases
• Increased access to clean water
• Better working conditions, especially when compared to 100+ years ago
• Decrease in people smoking
• The provision of power and light
• Less casualties of war. The Great Wars killed tens of millions, today’s wars kill thousands
• Greater health education and awareness of how diseases spread
• Greater mobility allowing food, medicines etc to reach people who need it
• The provision of emergency services, hospitals etc
• Much better childbirth facilities
• Cures being found for diseases that previously people died from
• Better housing so providing better protection against the elements
• Migration of people to areas that are more conducive to human well-being
• Global awareness of problems such as poverty, malaria, starvation

The Chinese policy of one child per family may have helped in China, but in many poorer countries around the world children are a means of providing income and of providing security in old age. This is especially true in countries that have little state assistance. The more children a family has the more sources of potential income, the more people to provide food and the more people to look after the parents in their old age.

It’s something of misconception that very rich families have more children. Statistics show that the poorest families tend to have the most children. Here in the UK, research conducted about two years ago found that half the children in the country are born into the poorest one quarter of society. To put it another way, the poorer families have, on average, twice the number of children as the richer families.

Overall the number of children per family fell from 2.4 some 50 years ago to 1.7 a few years ago. The figure is again rising and today the average family has 1.8 children.
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  • scott answered 4 years ago
    This sounds silly but watch the movie idiocracy. The basic premise is that the intelligent members of the population figured out that they could only afford to raise one or two kids and quite often decided not to have kids at all because both members of the couple wanted careers while the "Stupid" people in society bred like rabbits popping out 4, 5, 6 kids or more. The slow increase in the number of kids with the stupid gene caused intelligent people to basically die out leaving the world full of morons.

    In a lot of ways idiocracy not that far from the truth. Smart successful intelligent people tend to have no more children than they can afford to raise properly while the well fare class pops out a new kid every 9 months. If you look at the most overpopulated parts of the world, or the parts of the world where populations are growing fastest they are all places where education is lacking and people are very poor. Educate the people and make them productive in society and the overpopulation problem will get less prevalent.
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  • sean answered 4 years ago
    Today, people are once again saying the world's population is getting out of control, and therefore "bad" for the earth and our environment.

    Here is a way to look at it. China (1.3 billion) and India (1.15 billion) combined have a population of 2.45 billion people.

    This is about a third of the entire world's population.

    China (3,600,927 sq miles) and India (1,147,949 sq miles) only take up 4,748,876 sq miles).


    Land covers 29.22 percent of the Earth's surface. This is about 57.5 million square miles.

    Russia takes up 6,593,852 sq miles and has a population of only 141 million.

    Now look at this logically.

    Russia ALONE has about 2 million MORE sq miles than China and India COMBINED. And it only has about 6% of China and India's population.

    This would mean that Russia ALONE can sustain about 3 Billion people! At this time I do not think there are any issues with overpopulation
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  • Ottawa Mike answered 4 years ago
    I'm going to take different direction. I challenge the term "overpopulation" (for humans). What exactly does that mean? Is it a fixed number like 8.7 billion? Is it a nebulous concept? And on top of all that, what exactly is the problem and how is it defined?

    If we look at the contemporary meaning of overpopulation of species, the term means that a species has exceeded the carrying capacity of its ecological environment. And that really has nothing to do with the number or density of a species but rather the lack of resources compared to the need for those resources. And the result of overpopulation is a reduction in numbers.

    As far as humans as a species, I see no evidence of a reduction in numbers or even a lowering of the quality of life (in general). So my opinion is that we are not in a state of overpopulation right now. So that leaves a prediction of future overpopulation. This concept has been around for a long time but was quantified by Thomas Malthus at the beginning of the 19th century. He has been roundly criticized for his views and rightly so. His prediction of a linear growth in agriculture production was patently wrong.

    The main facet of this issue is the consumption of resources. And that's where the green term "sustainable" comes from. And from that, a hundred other side issues keep coming up including the use of non-renewable fossil fuels and of course, overpopulation.

    Finally, the main controversy is the speed and consequence of human population increasing with the resulting increase in the need for resources. Some view this and/or present this in varying degrees of alarm resulting in calls for action ranging from immediate severe changes to long term carefully thought out changes. Judging from the past predictions, I'd say that immediate drastic action is not yet needed as none of the dire predictions have come true out of the thousands that have been proclaimed. That's not to say we can sit on our hands and carry on as if nothing is happening. There's certainly some change needed but I'm not in favor of massive societal disruption.
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  • john m answered 4 years ago
    Having unprotected sex is the cause and the poor and uneducated are leading the way Sex is the most fun you can have without laughing and when you haven't got the money to spend to entertain yourself sex is the next best thing to do And in western societies single mum's tend to have more kids because of the welfare system the more they have the more they get paid I remember back in the 80's when Australia was having power strikes and the power would go of for hours at a time there was a spike in the birth rate because of no TV to watch so people went to bed earlier and you can guess what they did to entertain themselves Cheers
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  • livie answered 4 years ago
    Our indolence and complacency is one cause of overpopulation. We have no business having children if we can not nurture them, give them the right education. My heart bleeds every time I see people in the streets carrying two to three children, with her on the family way, begging for food and a little mercy.
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  • oikos answered 4 years ago
    Human populations tend to go through four phases, starting with high birth and death rates and ending with relative stability (fluctuating with economic conditions but tending to stay level, at carrying capacity). In the early phases, people in undeveloped nations breed like mad in order to have children to care for them in their old age. As the population slips into phase II, the death rate is suppressed, often because of foreign medical aid, and the population sky-rockets. It is not until people realize that they needn't have 10 children in order to have one caretaker that the population starts to stabilize, unless some busybody group steps in to spread propaganda against birth control.

    As far as China goes, the people who can afford the taxes would have larger families even if it were legal. The one child per family law is not an incentive to them.
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  • srichandan answered 4 years ago
    The main cause of overpopulation is illeteracy.Besides this poverty,unemployment and superstition have played vital role for overpopulation.
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  • Rio answered 4 years ago
    The instinct for survival, Trevor gave most of the secondary causes.
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  • Rosey answered 4 years ago
    (1) Poverty.
    (2) Religion.
    (3) Casual sex.
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  • causes of overpopulation?
    i think the cause is one child policy because china want to reduce there population that's why they had one child policy so people can only have one child. there are many people that have more children that is because they are very rich families and they can afford the taxes.
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  • Mark Staff answered 4 years ago
    overpopulation has lots of reasons i will list a few but if im going to be honest it would take me hours to list all the causes
    immigration caused by:
    - war
    - jobs
    - physical beauty (mountians, lakes etc.)
    Lack of birth control caused by :

    and it continues ...
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  • ? answered 4 years ago
    Religion is the main cause of overpopulation.
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  • dvbrown answered 4 years ago
    As long as o can take care of my children I am going to have as many as I want. The government is already controlling too much and they won't control my body
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  • Anna answered 4 years ago
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