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What movie is this ? (monsters/ghosts hid ein objects and some kids cut the walls and chairs and they bleed)?

Yet again I wanna watch a movie that i saw when i was younger and AGAIN i can only remember a few scenes.I remember a family going to some ghost town or something and it being a western theme and the people where monsters or ghosts and they would hide in objects like the walls and chairs and one of the kids took a pocket knife and cut the wall and a chair and it bled green slime.Anyone know what I'm thinking about or did i just bump my head when i was little <_<. On a side note where can i watch disappearance online for free ?

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    Phantom Town (1999)

    starring John Patrick White, Taylor Locke, Lauren Summers, Jim Metzler, Belinda Montgomery

    IMDb synopsis:

    When a 16-year-old boy and his two young siblings set off on a quest to find their missing parents, their search leads them to a ghost town in the middle of the desert. They soon discover that this is no ordinary tourist spot. In fact, according to the maps, it doesn't exist at all! Finding their way into this mysterious place, the kids must confront the sinister force that dwells beneath it in order to rescue their parents and to save themselves.

    IMDb review:

    Juvenile tale of teen Mike (White), his genius younger brother Arnie (Locke, son of the producer), and little sister Cindy (Summers), who receive a weird phone call from their parents one night. Mom and Dad (Montgomery and Metzler) never come home, so the kids track them down to a ghost town in some kind of time freeze (it's 1882 there). The town is full of alien cowboys that spit green goo, people wrapped in cocoons underground in catacombs, and strange symbols painted on walls. The ghost of an old Indian shows up to help. The Western town set is good and a handful of surprising effects (a mutant sheriff, a giant eye monster, an evil book that grows legs and runs) keeps this watchable for younger horror fans.

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