nice places to live as single mom with one kid in central valley california?

im young (33 yr old) nurse so nothing to boring, i am looking for a nice fairly modern apartment/townhome 2 bedroom 2 bathroom for my son and I nice places to shop with a variety of name brand clothing stores or malls for me and my 10 yr old son. also, stores like walmart, target, medspas, dayspas and resources nearby. i got a job offer in corcoran, california and coalinga california both jobs are at prisons. Thanks for the advise!

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    Corcoran, CA is truly in the Central of the Central Valley. The places that you might consider are Tulare and Visalia. These are nice communities but they aren't hip.

    Coalinga, CA is also very much in the heart of the Central Valley. But honestly I don't have any idea where you would live. Any place you find somewhat acceptable is going to be 1+ hour away.

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    Towns where prisons are located tend to be small, and out in the "boonies". As you know the central valley gets VERY hot all summer long, and cold and foggy in the winter. As a nurse your odds of finding work in this economy would be best in the three largest towns, Fresno, Bakersfield, or Stockton. Of the three I would choose, in this order, : Bakersfield, Fresno, then Stockton. I base my decision on the local crime statistics.

    You will NOT find any of the things you ask about (except the house) in either Corcoran, or Coalinga. Both are small, isolated towns.

    Source(s): So Cal resident.
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    i'm interior commuting distance to DC and there are actual many effective places to stay around the following the position your little ones will be save and characteristic sturdy colleges. Plus there are the different sturdy issues the previous answerer pronounced. That reported, i imagine you money might want to go plenty further in GA because the fee of residing is way decrease. you would also be in a position to stumble on a more desirable constructive position to stay in route of artwork. i might want to pass to GA with my job, and if it weren't for kinfolk preserving me in MD, i might want to judge it.

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