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where can I find a nice girl ..who?

-- has good character & believes in sacrificing for her hub's ( == which is also her ) family and believes in the value of a loving family

-- who does not change her character or agenda once her immigration agenda comes close to fulfillment ( if there is any )

-- who lays down her agenda very clearly before marriage ..and does not double speak behind ..i love u and care 4 u ..line. and then sticks to whatever she says.

-- does not change to her "other side of wife" personality once kids are finding a new bed-mate so that she can divorce, get full spousal and child support ( after seeking custody from a super discriminatory family court ) , and then later claim even more money from mr obama's subsidies for single mothers....

-- who does not chance upon the opportunity of "legal extortion " and terrorism as a way to take revenge on her hub - by making false allegations , getting take restraining orders and cutting the hubs wallet like == ( wallet/ 4)

-- who stays with her hub through thick and thin and does not ridicule him publicly , for supporting Republican ideology - GWB's War on islamic terrorism , anti- abortion and more, even if her views may not agree ( which her hub understands and respects )

WHERE ....? Thailand, Nepal , Vietnam.......

P.S. Blonde's / Feminist women...stay away from this Q if you think its opportunity to scorn / taunt or you think I am tramping on your rights - enslaving you ..ya da ya

This Q is not meant to rant or insult. I genuinely mean to search for one . If you think this Q is one such , then please pass. Save yourself sometime. ..and if you just did ..don't even mention so in this answer. I don't need to hear that.



@ the woman who said India : I think I listened to you already before you replied and now i am in a bitter divorce. I can tell you it USE to be India. But legal terrorism and gender disrcimination in india knows no global bounds.

498a : woman makes false dowry case. Man & his fam are arrested. No proof needed. Then the money extortion starts to squash 498a petition. Lawyers, politician, social workers, feminists, police ... vultures on NRI"s

Domestic Violence Act In India: ONLY Woman can suffer from DV . Men are immune from it. A married woman has the right to bring a bf in her hub's home and sleep with him.

Renuka Chaudhary Chod ree did this. - if you want to know more abt Indian women.

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    Are you the Arnold that was sending Lexi love letters?

    To answer you question: have you tried Craigslist?

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    You would have to have a women believing that she is only as good as the family dog to have one like that. Todays woman has too much self esteem to be like that. It's amazing how much they need men when they cannot acquire their own car, job, house...take all that away and they would be eating out of any man''s hand. The ugliest men in the world would have women flying at them in that case. If the entire industrial world collapses and women need men again for protection then they will start kissing our butts again just to get their needs met. Women use men when they need them thats the way it goes. Hey, in all fairness to women we use them too for sex.

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    If you find the place with those kind of women,be a bud and bring back enough for the rest of us,okay? Hey,we'll even pay for the shipping. It's the least we can do.

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    10 years ago

    those days and women are gone pal. you are going to have to adjust to modern life and live for yourself and not a dream wife and dream family. they don't exist.

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    you cant

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