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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsFamily · 9 years ago

Why don't I have any responses?

Country cleaning!

We are a licensed and trustworthy cleaning service, we offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleaning services.

We offer one time cleanings as well to impress the most finicky of visitors!

Initial and one time cleanings are $90.00

Bi-weekly cleanings start at $55.00 and go up depending on the size of your home.

For specific rates and consultations please contact George Washington at 1234567890

We look forward to hearing from you soon!!


Okay that's my add for my new cleaning business on craigslist and a craigslist like site I have 118 view on it I'n 4 days but NO CALLS!!! It's super frustrating so I was wondering if y'all see anything wring with it or if youd contact me after seeing it! Thanks!!!

I obviously changed my name and number so no cheeky remarks! Lol

I posted thus here because I assumed a lot of housewives/women would see it an they are mostly my cliental!

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  • 9 years ago
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    Your ad sounds very good. Although sometimes it's also effective to advertise in person. Go to a bunch of businesses (retail, coffee shops, small/corporate companies) and give them a business card. Business cards aren't expensive so it shouldn't do any harm. I understand that you would think these places don't want to be bothered or you're too afraid to solicit, but perhaps you could get other people to do it. Don't just rely on craigslist or other similar free sites.

    You gotta spend money to make money right?

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  • Times are tight. Try advertising at colleges and populated places(coffee houses)

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