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What is going to happen to Ohio State football?

Will Ohio State be punished to the same extent as USC? Or will the NCAA continue their inconsistency and just slap them on the hand and say don't do that again?


I may have just answered my own question... I am happy to hear that the NCAA isn't taking it easy on them.

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    The NCAA will be the hammer and that lying, cheating piece of human garbage Jim Tressel will be the nail.

    Why he hasn't been fired yet is proof positive that Ohio State's decision makers are every bit has corrupt and morally bankrupt has their scumbag head football coach.

    The fact that Ohio State fans are rallying around Tressel is just pathetic. They must think that their football program is som completely inept that they have to lie and cheat to be competitive. It's disgusting really.

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    Regardless of this site I will not believe anything until the NCAA has spoken. I personally feel the Buckeyes will have to forfeit all their games from last year & will get probation for a couple of years. Prior to the info coming out yesterday about Tressel emailing Pryor's mentor I had thought that Ohio State would not fire Tressel. Now I am having doubts as to whether they keep him or not.

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    10 years ago

    Theres a difference from suspending players for 4 or 5 or whatever games and having your players play 2 years of undedicated and undetermined football the 4 or 5 games will suck but OSU will make a bowl, while USC has another year of no real success ahead

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    Let's hope something really bad happens to Ohio State.It'll be a bonding experience.

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  • 10 years ago

    Lying cheaters will be given the death penalty

  • Peezy
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    10 years ago

    Yeah that is a bogus source.

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