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What should the Indian cricket teams line up be for the semi finals?

THis is what I think the line up should be if any player does not get injured.

1. Virender Sehwag

2. Sachin Tendulkar

3.Gautum Gambhir

4. Virat Kohli

5. Yuvraj Singh

6. MS Dhoni

7. Suresh Raina

8. Ravi Ashwin

9. Harbhajan Singh

10. Zaheer Khan

11. Sreesanth

I really do not consider Munaf Patel a good bowler so I think sreesanth should replace him. I mean the indian team could also put in Yusuf Pathan instead of Munaf Patel. Munaf cannot bowl and is no good with the bat either. Mind as well have 8 batsman and part time bowlers. But either way I still also believe sreesanth will be okay because he has pace. I admit against Bangladesh he got owned, but he was bowling well, all inside edges were going for fours. Until he got frustrated and that one over he just got destroyed. He had lost confidence. If someone can help him out mentally he will be fine hopefully. THis Pakistan team is tough and going to be difficult to beat, hopefully India can play to their maximum ability.

Also all those people that are critisizing the Indian captain for not not doing well and not captaining the side for need to shut up. How would you feel if a billion people were critisizing you. MS Dhoni is doing the best he can, his team isnt the best, and hes trying so just watch the cricket and be entertained.

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    Yes, I agree with the view that Sreesanth should play. He is the only fast bowler in the current Indian line up who likes to bowl with the new ball. The rest, including Zaheer, prefer to operate with the older ball. Zaheer looks more threatening with the older ball and he, at times, looks just to control the scoring with the new ball. Sreesanth's natural out-swing should be handy against the Pakistani openers, who are both right-handers. Moreover, Sreesanth has spent a considerable time at Mohali with Kings XI Punjab during the IPL seasons. And is familiar with the conditions at Mohali at this time of the year. In the worse case scenario, Sreesanth will go for runs but Muraf is struggling to get wickets and leaking runs. To add to it, Munaf is a bad fielder and poor mover on the boundary. If his bowling doesn't work then Sreesanth can at least save some runs.

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    Yes, same as i like. Sreesanth should Munaf.....

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