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Autism help me out to understand this?

Okay i was diognosed with HFA autism but i think im aspergers what do you think in your eyes?

my mom wont get this looked at agien so im just going to ask others:

1: Lack of eye contacked. (Sometimes times the eyes scare me)

2: I like to hang around kids younger then me.

3: I have sensorey issues with clothing.

4: Very narrow intrestests: i never talk about more then 2 things.

5: Weird movements: Finger rubbing flaping hands to the side and rocking/ pasting back and forth.

6: I have to think a long time before i understnad how to start a convo.

7: epetitive use of language.

8: Understanding others is hard for me.

9: (I might have troble with emostions. )

10: sameness

11: Kids in my familey would walk around 15 mounths. i was the only one who walked around 19 mounths. (And the walking im thinking i was just slow)


Exsplane it to me if you can thank you

Things that would help is: Exsplaning number 1 and number 9.

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    The only clinical differences between HFA and Asperger's syndrome diagnostically is that for Asperger's there must have been no delay in language development,

    and that for Asperger's the requirement is a normal or above average IQ, while for HFA this doesn't have to be true.

    The "High Functioning" part of HFA is not principally a reference to intelligence, but to the ability to perform in day-to-day living tasks.

    It is quite possible to have Asperger's and have quite markedly *more* difficulty in everyday living than someone with HFA.

    In this respect it is quite wrong to think of Asperger's as "mild autism" or "autism lite."

    Your listed traits fit either diagnosis.

    I have Asperger's syndrome: because I was an early talker, basically.

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