How do you know if there is a ghost in your house?

This morning, around 5 AM, I woke up really hot. I try to fall back to sleep, but fail to do so. When I open my eyes, I see a pale white figure standing in the middle of my room, angled at me, with gray something on his body (it seemed to be a man and it looked like gray cloth? Not positive.) At first I thought it was a man in my room, so I closed my eyes in fear. Although I closed my eyes, it seemed that I couldn't completely (because I was so scared) and I still faintly saw his shape. But, I managed to close my eyes enough so I didn't see anything. I prayed for about ten seconds and opened my eyes to see that the figure was gone. That scared me so much I turned the lights and couldn't go back to sleep. Usually I am not the one to believe in ghosts, never have. But, I am a Christian and I have read and heard of demon stories, and maybe ghosts are real.

Was that a ghost? Are ghosts real? How do I know? Was that just a figment of my imagination?

And no, I haven't watched any scary movies recently.

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    9 years ago
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    Sorry to burst your bubble but what you have been "programmed" to believe in concerning "Demons", but it simply isn't true.. Just like the "Devil", they were used as a scare tactic to coerce the ancient Pagans into the worship of their "God" and adopt the Bible.. Many in the clergy today are trying to get all reference to the "Devil" and "Hell" etc erased from the Bible as they admit it was all a con and no longer serves a purpose, that's a fact.. There are some nasty entities which reside in other realms, but they are not "Demons" as portrayed in the Christian belief system..

    I have lived in the company of ghosts for more than 30 years and you get used to it, and why not feel privileged to actually share the same space as that of an entity that a huge % of people will either say doesn't exist or you have a vivid imagination or simply call you a liar...

    The entity will not hurt you or your family, and may not even know of your existence, just because you are in the same space, you are not in the same dimension...If you get a visual, the odds are that the entity will also see you and be just as "spooked", unless he/she has been "haunting" for a long time and is aware of the situation...

    I have had some good experiences with ghosts and some extremely bad experiences, of which were detrimental to my health...

    Some of the signs are strange smells, like cigarette smoke, perfume, flowers, and some really bad smells, like something is dead and decaying...Also changes in temperature is a good indication, this usually occurs in one room at a time, like the smells...Things also go missing, like car keys, I have had them go missing plenty of times when I was younger and living in another place...I could search the whole house and no keys, I would have to get my then girl friend out of bed and get her to drive me to work in her car, and when I would come home from work, which was about 1 1/2 hours before my girl friend came home, my keys would be sitting on the kitchen table or the side dresser, and you know they weren't there in the morning or you would have seen them and avoided the drama...They weren't there when my girl friend went to work either, and that was their usual place...

    Banging of doors, usually during the night, and the squeaky floor boards letting you know someone/thing is walking on them...Closed doors are open in the morning as are some drawers or cupboard doors in the kitchen...Apart from things going missing and turning up later, days later sometimes, things get rearranged...Books appear on the table in the morning, they have moved from the bookcase to the table and you know they weren't there when you went to bed, some of the books you haven't even cared to look at since you read them years beforehand...

    That should give you some sort of an idea of the tell-tale signs of an entity being close by...One more thing, they can pester you for weeks even months at a time, then nothing at all for months, then they are back to it again...


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  • 9 years ago

    Hmmm that COULD be a spirit, but hey the only way to know for sure is if you see it again, you know for validation. Most important thing to know is that you have to let it know its YOUR house and not let it scare you out. It doesn't have the right to torment you or be in a place that belongs to YOU. To be honest i keep an openmind about the whole spirit world existing thing, so i can't really say if spirits exist, since i haven't really seen any with my own eyes. A good way to know is to set up a camera in your room and record the nights, and see if you caught anything. Plus having a digital voice recoreder hepls if you want to ask questions or try and hear something your ears can't pick up. And the way to distinguish if that was imagination is if you're REALLY sure you just saw that, that you were positively awake and not dreaming. My advice is to look around your background or history if these things continue. Someonemay have died there or just recently. If things get a little out of hand contact a local paranormal team to have them investigate your house.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Check your plumbing for any contaminants

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  • thats really creepy.

    call ghostbusters.

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