Marijuana--does higher THC levels equal better weed?

Hi. My dealer typically sells me Blue Dream, but recently he just got some stuff called Ramulan. While I'm always pleased with the high Blue Dream gives me, I'm interested in this Ramulan strain as I've never tried it. Doing a quick Google search I found that Blue Dream has THC levels 15-20%, while Ramulan has levels 18-22%. Obviously Ramulan seems as though it'd be better. On the other hand, the reviewer rated Blue Dream's high 9.0 while he only rated Ramulan's high 7.5.

So, in short does higher THC levels equal better weed? Also, if you've tried both of these strains, which one do you prefer? If you've only tried one, what's your experience? Please include details. Remember best answer gets 10 points.

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  • 10 years ago
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    A great high equals better weed.

    MJ does not impact every person the same. Those %'s are estimates for the strain and not guaranteed. No promised THC % does not equal better weed! I was not impressed with Romulan which is an Indica and I haven't tried Blue Dream which is a Sativa. Again 2 different highs!

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    4 years ago

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