If Ted Turner were in charge of WWE instead of WCW would we be watching Nitro every Monday?

Everyone knows Ted Turner was the reason behind WCW's demise, but he didn't exactly have alot of help. If he had been the man behind the WWE, would WWE have went down? Or do you think the other members of WCW like Hogan, Bischoff, the NWO etc, would have brought WCW down anyways and WWE would still be the multi billion dollar company it is today?

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    Ted Turner himself was not the DIRECT reason for WCW's demise, but he certainly played a significant role in it's destruction. Appointing people who know nothing about wrestling, who were inexperienced with dealing with all of the personalities and agendas was a major problem. One person was so pathetic in this regard Dusty Rhodes referred to a WCW Boss appointed by Turner as "the most untalented motherf**ker in the history of the world." Giving Eric Bicshoff free reign to spend and spend without any fiscal responsibility was another. They wasted millions spending on wrestlers to just sit at home under contract....even going as far as paying for unused airplane and bus tickets.

    As far as AOL Time Warner merging, even if the new powers that be had a more favorable view of pro wrestling, WCW was already struggling just to remain relevant. Vince Russo and Kevin Nash had basically destroyed any credibility the WCW championships had left, talent was fleeing to WWE like mice deserting a sinking ship, and they had basically started to give away tickets to just fill the arenas for tapings.

    If Turner had run WWE, the exact same thing would have taken place, especially if Vince McMahon weren't around in some capacity to oversee the company so it did not devolve into garbage. Turner's heart as a wrestling fan and businessman were in the right place....the plans were just too poorly executed.

  • 10 years ago

    Ted Turner was not the cause of WCW's demise.

    Ted Turner loved wrestling, and enjoyed the WCW product on his networks. One of the biggest blows was the AOL Time Warner merger. In which the head of the new corperation did not like wrestling, didn't understand it, and didn't want it on the network. Which is why we saw WCW in the HUGE slump it went through in the 2000's.

    But you never know... if WWE was owned by Turner, and the AOL Time Warner merger happened... WCW probably wouldn't have purchased WWF, but turner would have lost it... Sold it to someone.. Maybe WCW... maybe not.... And WWF would probably still be around just in a different network and under a different owner.

    I miss the glory days of WCW.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Ted Turner provided money. Vince Russo killed it with his crappy storylines

    Source(s): Quote the Raven, Nevermore
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