Illicit Drug Trade!!?

Hey! Just wondering if anyone knows any specific issues about Illicit Drug Trade. Sources would be awesome!!


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    Illegal drug trade - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ~~



    Effects of...|


    The illicit drug trade in the United Kingdom - 2007 Home Office report; UNODC - United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime - World Drug Campaign; Texas School Survey of Drug and ... - Cached

    Illicit Drugs — Global Issues

    Illicit drugs: a huge global market. The illicit drugs trade (also referred to as the illegal drugs trade or drug trafficking) is one of the largest global businesses, at ... - Cached


    the international illicit drug trade generates $400 billion per year equivalent to 8% of all world trade - Cached

    Illicit Drug Trade Seen as Destabilizing Global Community

    The latest U.S. State Department International Narcotics Control Strategy Report warns that the world’s illicit drug trade is destabilizing democratic governments ...

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