How is my Baseball Line up and Pitching Rotation?

Starting Line up

SS - Rafael Furcal

1B - James Loney

CF - Matt Kemp

RF - Andre Ethier

2B - Dan Uggla

3B - Casey Blake

LF - Gary Sheffield

C - AJ Ellis

P - N/A

Starting Rotation

1. Chad Billingsley

2. Stephen Strasburg

3. Hiroki Kuroda

4. Jon Garland

5. Jeff Weaver

Mop Up - Charlie Haeger


MR - Chan-Ho Park

MR - Ramon Troncoso

MR - Ronald Bellisario

MR - Vicente Padilla

SU - Hong Chi Kuo

SU - George Sherril

CL - Jonathan Broxton

who should i get rid of, who should i acquire? how should i change/improve my line up/rotation?


Ok here are the facts

1. I'm Dodgers fan

2. I'm playing the Out of the Park 2011 Baseball game with their rosters

I'm just using who i have :S

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  • 9 years ago
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    its ok but you need to fix a lot! Where's Albert

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  • ?
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    9 years ago

    Do you follow baseball at all?

    Why is 90% of your team the Dodgers?

    Why would you pick Stephen Strasburg? He's not pitching in 2011.

    Jeff Weaver is a free agent.

    Gary Sheffield is retired.

    Chan Ho Park is playing in Japan.

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  • 3 years ago

    i could could desire to assert for pitching rotation you are able to could desire to pass with the crimson Sox. there is merely plenty intensity there with Beckett, Lester, Penny, Smoltz, Wakefield. And waiting interior the wings is Clay Buchholz and Michael Bowden. Then of path cube-ok if he can bounce decrease back provides much greater. Plus the Sox have between the main consistent bullpens in baseball. to date as hitting is going? i could could desire to agree which includes your determination of the Yankees, yet upload to that..that there isn't too plenty intensity if somebody is going down. With A-rod out on the commencing up of the single year, Teixiera sucked. If somebody is going down for the yanks, the two pitching sensible, or hitting..the team does not somewhat have an answer for a huge harm.

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  • 9 years ago

    you realize strasberg is hurt right? and a lot of your guys are wild cards because they haven't become seasoned veterans. overall i think not too bad, but try to get a better rotation and maybe a better shortstop like hanley ramerez or someone like that

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