Where do I start with smart phone development?

I am an experienced web developer (javascript, c# html) and I want to know more about how to develop apps for smartphones. Now there are quite some out there, iPhone, Windows phone etc. Do they all use the same language, are the OS's different? It seems that there is a lot for iPhone but I'm sure I would need a mac for that. Would I be able to just use html 5 and thus port my app to every phone? Would html 5 be enough or are there limitations?



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  • Fred
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    10 years ago
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    iPhone apps are written in Objective-C only. They do not allow porting anymore, they did away with this a couple years ago. Alot of iPhone apps were actually written in Flash and ported to Objective-C through an automated program. They no longer approve apps written like this.

    They are completely different OS's, which is why they are named iOS and Windows 7 Mobile. They are completely different competing companies.

    The best way to get into App Development, is to start with Android. It uses Java and also has an App Builder that makes it insanely easy to start developing Apps.

    I don't think you fully understand what HTML 5 is. I believe that you think it's much more powerful than it actually is going to be. It's head and shoulders above HTML 4, but no where close to something like Java. It's more like HTML with Javascript built in.


  • sushil
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    4 years ago

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