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How long would it take (approximately) to cycle from York to Leeds?

maybe from the center of York to somewhere like the Headrow.

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  • 9 years ago
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    JTS's answer is perfectly correct but that is taking into account the use of a 70mph dual carriageway (A64).

    I would probably assume around 3/4 hours (including breaks and getting lost) using the back roads parallel to the dual carriageway.

    Although it is legal to cycle on a dual carriageway i would not recommend it due to a safety aspect.

    Source(s): Local Person - Keen Cyclist.
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  • SB
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    9 years ago

    That will be around 25 miles.

    So travelling one mile in around 8-10 minutes, it should take you 200 minutes, which is around 3.5 hours. If you're taking it slow and not riding fast, it'll be around that time.

    However, if you're a keen cyclist, or have a good fitness level, you should easily manage a mile every 5 minutes, which would be around 125 minutes, so just over 2 hours.

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